Jan 21, 2009

Lost Mysteries: Wrap Up

It's been fun looking back on some of the mysteries on Lost, but the wait is over. Season 5 premieres tonight with a 3 hour event. So will season 5 deliver or will it feel like the ending of The Empire Strikes Back (a great movie, but an ending that just leaves you hanging), since this is just the set up for the last season?

From the non-spoilers that I've looked at, I think that this year will deliver. All indications are that the show's creators have kept their foot on the gas and we will zoom through the last two years of the show. We'll get answer after answer right away and open up a whole new can of worms to get us asking new questions or the same questions in different ways.

That's part of the reason why I wanted to look back at some of my favorite mysteries on the show. I wanted to see where the show has been before we know where its going. Here is the list of mysteries I have looked at over the past couple of weeks:
I hope to continue analyzing Lost's mysteries on this blog. I didn't really delve into a couple of the major ones yet such as Jacob, Christian Sheppard, the Smoke Monster, Walt and the ageless Richard Alpert. I feel like this season will give us more information on them and may force us to look at them in a different way. Plus they are among the most talked about mysteries, so there's plenty of theories and information out there on them.

That's not even to mention mysteries like what happened to Claire, is Jin alive, what's up with Room 23, how can an island really be moved and what happens when it is, and countless others. We'll have a ton of new questions and mysteries to discuss throughout the season as well.

Here are a few more articles to get you ready for tonight:

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