Jul 29, 2011

Cha-Cha-Cha ... Changes

The second day of free agency turned out to be a crazy, busy day for the Saints. Let's take a look at all the names that were involved in deals:
Wow, take a breath. All that happened in one day. That's not to mention Lance Moore and Leigh Torrence who announced their own deals via Twitter the day before. It's safe to say that the Saints roster will be completely different than last year. It's safe to say that that roster will be changing daily in the new look NFL. The Saints official site even put up a .pdf version of the roster dated July 28, 2011, showing that they too realize this is a very fluid time for the league.

Looking at the moves, the obvious big one is trading Reggie Bush. While Bush was loved and hated by Saints fans, he was great for New Orleans. He helped put the Saints on the map and gave the team star power when it needed it most. Now he's moving on to Miami, so to fill the void and not have to alter the offense too much, the team signed Darren Sproles. Sproles is smaller than Reggie Bush, but he is a similar player to Reggie. I think this is a solid move and the spotlight won't be nearly as big on Sproles as it was on Reggie, which will be a good thing. I with Reggie Bush the best of luck in Miami. I enjoyed watching him and rooting for him. Now, let's see if can really take this opportunity to be the man and fulfill his promise.

Out of the other signings, Bushrod is probably the most important. The Saints have one of the top O-lines in the league, so keeping continuity there is important. Now, the Saints biggest move will be signing all their draft picks and resigning Roman Harper ... Oh, and there's the tiny matter of Drew Brees' contract being up after this season.

Jul 27, 2011

Saints get busy in free agency

After the free agent floodgates opened yesterday, the Saints are getting involved today. The biggest news is that Lance Moore resigned with the team for five years (Moore broke the news himself on Twitter). Moore is a favorite of Drew Brees and a key part of the Saints offense. The Saints also signed LB Will Herring from Seattle and announced the signing of 20 undrafted free agents.

Jul 25, 2011

Finally ... the NFL has come back to business

I haven't posted much about the lockout through this frustrating ordeal, but now the news is spreading like wildfire that the players and owners have agreed on a new CBA.

Media are scrambling to get the timeline straight on when free agency will start, when teams can sign rookies and their own players, when trades can happen, when teams will report (Saints are rumored to be reporting for camp on Thursday). No matter what the logistics are, this will be a wild, wild week. Things that normally happen over the entire offseason are being squeezed into less than a week. Teams will report to camp before a large portion of the roster is even signed. It will be tough to keep up with, but fans across the country won't mind because America's game is back in business.

Welcome back NFL, now let the fun begin. WHO DAT!!!

Lost Deleted Scene

At Comic Con, Lost creators showed a "deleted scene" from season 1. See they planned it out from the beginning:

New Doctor Who Trailer

Second half of season 6 looks pretty exciting:

and here's a wrap-up of the Doctor Who panel from Comic Con.

Jul 20, 2011

History of Rap 2.0

It was great the first time around and Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon deliver again on "History of Rap 2"