Feb 3, 2011

Super Bowl Prediction

This weekend is the big game. Packers vs. Steelers. Almost everyone is picking the Packers. They are the hot team coming in, having to win three in a row on the road to make the Super Bowl. Pittsburgh seems to win ugly, but they still win.

I see this as a defensive battle and I don't think the Packers will be able to move the ball on Pittsburgh the way they have the past couple of weeks. While I will probably be rooting for Green Bay, I think Pittsburgh's poise and experience will provide them with an edge.

So who's going to take home the Lombardi trophy?

Steelers 20
Packers 13

MVP: Troy Polamalu

Best Commercial Ever

Feb 1, 2011

A Look at the Saints Draft Targets

It's Super Bowl Week, but fans of 30 teams have their eyes focused on another area this time of year: the NFL Draft. The Senior Bowl was held this past weekend, and fans are learning all about the top prospects who will head to the Combine in a few short weeks. With the labor dispute and a hold on free agent signings, the Draft will get more attention than ever.

Here's a look at who the Saints may be targeting with the #24 pick: