Feb 24, 2010


Season 6 of Lost continued its forward momentum with this week's episode, "Lighthouse." The producers have said that season 6 will remind fans of season 1 and this one definitely did. From a revisit to the caves (including finding Shannon's inhaler) to Claire's Rousseau-like camp to Hurley telling Jack that their mission was just like the old days, "Lighthouse" was a call back to the simpler days of Lost. Here are my thoughts and questions about it:

Flash Sideways Story
There was lots of info in this week's sideways story and I have to admit, after being skeptical and not "moved" by the sideways story idea, this week's one upped the intrigue level. Last week's was solid as well, and we've been given so many more questions to ask.

Let's start with the big one first, Jack's still driving the same vehicle as before ... no wait, that's not important. The big reveal last night was that Jack has a son, David. It's hard enough to wrap your head around these flashforwards already. Are they showing us what happened after Jughead exploded? Showing us what would have happened if Jacob hadn't interfered in their lives? Then they throw something like Jack having a son at us and everyone's theory-making goes back to the drawing board.

So, what do we know of David? David is a teenager who lives with his mother. Jack, who is separated from David's mom, gets visitation once a month. They never show David mother, so are we now to try to guess who it is? The obvious answer would be Sarah, Jack's ex-wife in our previous timeline. But then there's the question of when did he "fix" her after her wreck and when they would have gotten married. Plus we don't know much about Jack's new backstory. So let the speculation begin on who David's mom is.

Other items of note from the flash sideways story include Jack not remembering getting his appendix taken out. His mom told him he had the surgery when he was about eight, but we saw Juliette do the surgery on the island. Is this why Jack is having trouble remembering? Jack and his mom also have a search for Christian's will (the coffin is still missing, by the way), and Jack's mom is surprised to see Claire Littleton's name in the will ... so at least that detail of Christian Sheppard's life isn't changed.

The last part of the flash sideways story is when Jack goes to hear David's piano audition. My first thought when we learned that David played piano was Daniel Faraday. Will David get the musician's life that young Daniel longed for? My second thought was that the Looking Glass Station was programmed by a musician. Will David have ties to the island? The last thought was oh look, Dogen's at the audition. Wait? Another Other off island in the 815ers flash story. Something fishy is going on here.

The Lighthouse
This episode's namesake turned out to be another of Jacob's locations on the island. So far we know that Jacob inhabited the base of the four-toed statue; the cave where Sawyer and Man-in-Black visited last week; the Temple, perhaps; and the cabin (if Jacob ever actually occupied the cabin).

Hurley and Jack make their way to the top of the lighthouse and find a fire pit and mirrors with a big wheel that turns the light source. On each degree of the wheel is a person's last name. It is soon confirmed that the Man-in-Black was telling the truth (probably not the full truth though) last week when he showed Sawyer their names on the cave ceiling. Many of the names are crossed off, just like in the cave, but Jack finds the survivors names, including his own, Jarrah, Kwon and Ford.

As Hurley is turning the wheel, Jack notices images reflected in the mirror. We see the location where Sun and Jin got married and the church where Sawyer's parents funeral was held. Jack wants to see what's at #23, the number before his own name. Turns out its his parents home. Jack learns the same thing Sawyer learned last week, that Jacob has watched them and influenced their lives. Jack is furious and wants to see Jacob, but he doesn't appear so he smashes the mirrors. With the image being his parents house and not his own, should we still question whether or not Shephard is for Jack or Christian?

Ok, take a deep breath. That was a great scene, and it offered so much about the show's mythology. So this is how Jacob checked in on everyone? He watched them through the lighthouse mirrors? I still wonder how he chose these specific people to spy on, but as far as the numbers go, it looks like they are getting explained in a big way. Valenzetti equation? Ha! The numbers represent the candidates, and the numbers themselves are actually degrees where those people are located. So I guess the highest number would be 360?

There are familiar names both from characters we know and the names written on the cave ceiling. Remember Lostpedia's list of candidates I posted about the other day? Well, it's updated with the named from the wheel now. The most surprising name that surfaced from the wheel is Austen. I have to admit that I missed her name being on there during first viewing, but made a point to check out the names in the screen caps:

So Kate is a candidate? Her name is listed at #51, and not crossed out. So did Man-in-Black purposefully not show her name to Sawyer last week? And with her name not being next to one of the famous numbers, what does that mean for her candidacy?

#108, Who's Coming to the Island?
Another big question regarding the lighthouse numbers is why did Jacob wants them to turn to 108 degrees? The name at that degree is Wallace, which is not any character we know. Jacob told Hurley that someone was coming to the island. Will it be this Wallace person, whose name was crossed out, or someone else? Jacob didn't seem too worried when he appeared to Jacob outside the lighthouse. It seemed this mission may have really been about Jack seeing Jacob's methods. So what is it that Jack needs to do? How important is Jack really? Is he the ultimate candidate?

Lastly, Jacob said that some bad stuff is about to go down at the Temple and that Hurley can't help the others, that it's too late. We know Man-in-Black is likely going there and infected Sayid is walking around the temple grounds, so what's going to happen to everyone? Jacob doesn't seem concerned about it. Should we be? The only ones left there besides Others are Miles and Sayid. But Kate may be on her way back. Sun, Lapidis and their group are on the way and Jin may be bringing an uninvited guest as well (more on her in a bit). Could they be preparing us for the death of major character soon?

Adam & Eve
On their way to the lighthouse, Hurley and Jack find Shannon's inhaler and realize they've stumbled across the caves, where the group lived just after they crashed on the island. Once they go inside, we are immediately reintroduced to the Adam and Eve skeletons. This scene played two roles. For hard core Lost fans, it was a nod to show them that the producers haven't forgotten about this little detail from way back in season 1. Fans have been speculating like crazy about who these skeletons will turn out to be, even though they had only appeared on the show once. The other role was to remind the casual fan about them, since the answer to who they are will likely be answered soon. Hurley, who always speaks for the audience, was great. He said that he'd forgotten that they were in there (as casual fans may have) and then went on a time-travel theory that they might be looking at themselves (as fans have long speculated).

While at the caves, Jack tells Hurley about how he originally found them (he was chasing a white rabbit, aka his dead father). It seems that after all these years on the island Jack has bought into all the craziness and is a believer. He tells Hurley that he came to the island because he was broken and thought it would fix him. Jack from earlier on Lost would have never admitted that he was chasing his dead father, but now he's openly telling Hurley and is going along with this plan to try to get to talk to the now dead Jacob. All Hurley had to do was tell Jack that he has what it takes. This could have many meanings, but it got Jack's attention right away and he came along.

Claire and Her Friend
This episode caught us up on the life of Claire-Rousseau. Since everyone else left the island, Claire has been living on her own, Rousseau-style. She was captured by the Others and given the Sayid test (showing Jin the branding mark on her shoulder). It looks like she doesn't remember anything (probably since her house was blown up by Keamy's men) about what happened to Aaron. Also remember, infected Sayid didn't remember anything after being shot. Claire thinks the Others took Aaron, even though she's the one who left him with Miles and Sawyer when she took off with dead Christian. I guess its also safe to assume she didn't experience time travel like the other 815ers either.

Throughout her story with Jin, she mentions her friend, who ultimately turns out to be fake Locke, aka Man-in-Black. I figured this is who her friend would be, but it was frustrating that they still didn't give him a name. When Jin sees him he asks, John? and Claire replies that its not John, its her friend. Is Jin aware that Locke had died? The last time Jin would have seen Locke was just before Locke went down the well to turn the donkey wheel. This was when they were still skipping through time. Locke stopped the skipping and set the island in the DHARMA 1970s. I wonder if Kate, Jack or Hurley mentioned that Locke had died to Jin.

I have a couple of big questions about Man-in-Black's arrival. Is Sawyer with him? This would be interesting since Sawyer's the one that she left Aaron with. How would he react to seeing her again? Next big question is how did they get out of the cave? Since the ladder broke when Sawyer climbed down, it seems that it would be pretty difficult to get back up that cliff side.

Jin is obviously aware that something is up with Claire. He tries to save the Other's life by telling Claire that Kate has been raising Aaron, but she kills him anyway. Then Jin tells her that he was lying (not sure why he did this, but judging by her response that she would kill Kate, turns out it was the right thing to do) and now he wants to bring he to the Temple. What does old Jin have planned? I thought his main objective was the find Sun. I know Sun is going to the Temple, so is this just a convenient way to get those two together?

Other Tidbits:
Lots of fans are speculating that the ashes that Ilana picked up from where Jacob burned up are the ashes that repel Smokey (from "The Substitute"), but what if she has another idea for the ashes. We know that Miles can commune with the dead, but he needs the body to "talk" to. Maybe Ilana is bringing the ashes to Miles so he can find out what Jacob's plan is.

I liked how the characters addressed questions that fans would have asked while watching the episode. Jack questioning why they'd never seen the lighthouse before and Hurley's speculation that the Adam and Eve skeletons could be themselves are the exact things fans would be saying. Hurley also compared Jacob to Obi Wan Kenobi, classic.

Alice in Wonderland has played a role in Lost before ("White Rabbit," "Through the Looking Glass," Jack reading the book to Aaron in "Something Nice Back Home") and it was revisited tonight with David reading "The Annotated Alice." Jack also found the key to David's mom's house under a rabbit statue.

Not sure what to make of Jack and Kate's conversation. It seemed a bit off to me. Kate is dead-set on finding Claire, and it looks like her best bet to do so would be going back to the Temple. What will she do with the new information about her being infected?

"Lighthouse" is the 108th episode of Lost. Nothing major there, but anything tying in with the numbers is worth a mention. It was also written by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, the two producers who run Lost.

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Feb 22, 2010

Even Lost makes errors

In this week's official Lost podcast, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse confirmed that the date on Claire's ultrasound from "What Kate Does" is indeed a prop error. Flight 815 still lands on Sept. 22, 2004, not October as the ultrasound states. They played it off as the ultrasound malfunctioning, but I know a lot of fans picked up on this and made a big deal about the dates being a month apart. So there you have it, even Lost makes mistakes.

Feb 19, 2010

Lost: Who were the candidates?

There were a lot of names on that cave ceiling in "The Substitute," but did you catch them all? There were a few familiar ones to Lost fans and luckily, the show has some of the most dedicated fans on the Interwebs, so of course people worked to decipher them all.

Check out Lostpedia's list of the candidates written on the ceiling to see all the names and numbers that fans caught, and who that name likely belongs to.

Let the speculation begin on why/when certain ones were crossed off and why others aren't listed at all.

Feb 17, 2010

The Substitute

After the underwhelming "What Kate Does," Lost knocked it out of the park with "The Substitute." Now this is the kind of Lost we've come to know and love. Since there's so much parallel between season 6 and season 1, "The Substitute" may go down as this season's "Walkabout." While I'm still not sure what to think of the flash sideways story, this week's one delivered more mystery and intrigue that last week's one. (Sure it was cool to see Ethan and wonder why he was now a doctor in L.A., but this week we had Helen, Rose, Hurley and Ben Linus all show up in Locke's new(?) life.) Onto to my thoughts, questions and other thinking-out-loud analysis of "The Substitute."

Flash Sideways Story
This week's flash sideways story focused on John Locke. We pick up just as Locke arrives home from the airport, and we soon learn that he's living with Helen so at least we know this life's better than before ... not so fast. He seems to have lied to her about his trip to Australia. That same lie ends up getting him fired from his job at the box company, by his same boss as the original timeline, Randy Nations. He confesses to Helen that he tried to go on a walkabout, but was turned away. This version of John Locke seems to be giving up on miracles and destiny and is ready to deal with his life in a wheel chair.

A few interesting notes from these scenes. Locke and Helen are getting married and interesting that Helen brings up Locke's dad. Seems that Locke and old Anthony Cooper are on good terms here, as Helen wants to invite him along if they elope. This brings up the question of how Locke ended up paralyzed in this time line. If he's on good terms with Cooper, then obviously Cooper wouldn't be the one to cause him to be in the wheelchair ... interesting.

It was also noticeable that Locke isn't the one spouting off about destiny and miracles, but its Helen who is pushing these concepts. Locke starts to call Jack's office about the consult, but it seems like both Locke and Helen are ready to just accept his condition.

Not everything went wrong for poor old Locke though. After being fired, he runs into Hurley, who also owns a temp firm. There Locke meets Rose who sets him straight about his lofty expectations and his "don't tell me what I can't do attitude." Looks like Rose still has terminal cancer but she's still living her life. Jack's plan isn't turning out so great for everyone off the island. Charlie's still an addict, Rose has cancer, Kate's on the run, Locke's in a wheelchair. Good job there Jack.

Locke gets a job as a substitute teacher and who should he run into at the school but Ben Linus himself. Why Ben's just your everyday European history teacher, that's all. With this new timeline, its interesting to see what happened to the flight 815 passengers, but huge questions forming about why/how the Others are just average citizens off island. First Ethan's a doctor and now Ben's a teacher. There's definitely more to this, and we'll just have to wait and see how it plays out.

Smokey = Man In Black/Not Locke
Before we get into analyzing the on island story, let's address this mystery. Just in case it wasn't clear enough in the season premiere, the writers of Lost banged us over the head in the coolest of ways with this answer. For those who were still doubting, we got to see the island from Smokey's perspective as he was traveling between New Otherton and where he kept Richard, or as Ilana put it, "recruiting." The coolest shot came when he stopped outside Sawyer's house and you could see Smokey's reflection in the mirror.

Jacob's List/The Numbers
Let's tackle the biggest "why the face" moments first (shout out to Modern Family fans). You want the answer to the island's biggest mystery, why were they all brought here? Well here it is, Jacob thought they were candidates, candidates to take over his job as protector of the island.

Man in Black brings Sawyer into a cave that looks like both he and Jacob shared. Written on the ceiling and walls are the names of some of the 815 survivors, along with lots of other names crossed out. Beside each name is a number: 4 - Locke, 8 - Reyes, 15- Ford, 16 - Jarrah, 23- Shephard, 42 - Kwon. Man in Black notes that he doesn't know if Kwon is for Jin or Sun. But do we know if Shephard was for Jack or Christian? It can be argued that Christian was brought to the island as well (although he was in a coffin). Curious that Kate's name isn't listed, even though Jacob visited and touched her.

Man in Black doesn't explain the numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) and just says that Jacob had a thing for numbers. He also had a thing for lists and this is why Dogen and the Others thing that the survivors are so important. Why are the rest of the names crossed off and how were the numbers chosen? Some of the other names have numbers in the hundreds. What process did Jacob go through to choose these people and cross off others?

He then tells Sawyer that he has three choices: Do nothing and see how it plays out (and get your name crossed off as he does Locke's); Take Jacob's job and protect the island, even though it doesn't need protection; or just leave. Seems like both Man in Black and Sawyer are choosing the last option as Sawyer responds to are you ready to go home with a hell yes.

Sawyer's attitude
I know Sawyer is changed now that Juliette is gone, but he had no reaction to a dead John Locke bursting into his room. Then he realizes this person's not Locke, but that doesn't seem to bother him. He does play the "Of Mice and Men" card and could have shot Man in Black, but we know that wouldn't have done any good. Richard even tries to persuade Sawyer to run back to the Temple and tells him that this man wants everyone dead. Why didn't Sawyer have more of a reaction to this Locke impersonator? What are Sawyer's plans now that he knows why they were brought to the island? Does he really want to leave? Is Sawyer just back in con mode?

The Boy
Man in Black first sees a blond boy when talking to Richard. Apparently Richard can't see him. He then appears again when Man in Black is with Sawyer, but Sawyer can see him. First, why can Sawyer see him? Does this have something to do with Sawyer being a candidate?

Man in Black chases the boy and is told that he knows the rules, and he can't kill him. Man in Black replies is the very Locke-like response, "don't tell me what I can't do." Questions, questions, questions. I thought we were going to get more answers this year than questions. First, who was this boy? My first thought was that it was Jacob. Is that too easy? Who else could it be? Aaron (blond hair and all)? Someone we've never seen? The person who came before Jacob/Man in Black? A Walt-like individual who can project themselves?

Next, what are the rules? Man in Black thought he found a loophole and did kill Jacob, so who is the person he can't kill? Was he referring to Jacob? Sawyer? Richard? Someone else? I'm at a loss on this one, but it seems very important.

When Man in Black returns, Sawyer asks about the kid, and gets "what kid?" in response. Are they just going to pretend that didn't just happen?

Locke's funeral
After it was just laying on the beach for a while, Sun steps up and says that they have to bury Locke. While we've known Locke is dead for a while, these scenes had some finality to them. Fans are longing for Locke to just get up or be resurrected. He's a fan favorite, and we miss the old John Locke. The Man in Black version is holding us over, but for fans, it was tough to see Locke finally put to rest. Wasn't it fitting that Ben delivered his eulogy?

There was lots of interesting dialogue around the funeral, including Frank's joke. Ilana casually mentions that the Man in Black can't change his appearance from Locke's anymore. Of course no one bothers to find out why. How does Ilana know so much? She knew that the dark man was recruiting when he took Richard and now she knows he can't change. Also, how does she know about the Temple and it being safe? What does she know about Jin and the others? There's more to this one's story to be sure.

Other Tidbits:
Why did Ilana pick up some of Jacob's ashes? Is this the ash that repels Smokey? Will she be able to resurrect Jacob with his ashes?

How much does Richard know? Was he just playing dumb with Man in Black or did Jacob really leave him in the dark about so much, including the candidates? What did he mean when he told Richard, I'll see you sooner than you think?

I loved the Man in Black's reply to Sawyer that "Of Mice and Men" was written a little after my time. I also loved the inside joke line. Was this an inside joke between Jacob and Man in Black (black and white stones on the scale symbolizing their island battle) or an inside joke for fans who've been following the show so long (one black stone, one white from Locke's talk way back in season 1's pilot episode).

Again, should we be asking ourselves if Man in Black/Not Locke is really the good guy in all of this? How and why is he trapped? Was he telling the truth that he was once a man? Is he in ... wait, don't say it ... purgatory? There I said it.

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Feb 10, 2010

What Kate Does

Season 6 continued with "What Kate Does," and it can't be a good sign that one of Lost's creators, Damon Lindelof, was on Twitter last night defending this episode to all the fans who are calling it "filler." Well, it sure did feel like filler, but that comes with the high expectations that fans have for the show and now that its in it's final season, fans think every episode should be loaded with answers. Like most Lost episodes, this one will need to be revisited and put into context of the entire season. But taken on face value, "What Kate Does" was not one of Lost's better efforts.

Flash Sideways Story
The hardest thing fans are dealing with this season is what to make of the sideways story. After investing 5 years in the lives of the 815 survivors, there's a worry that the past five seasons were all for not. With only a handful of episodes left, fans are worried about investing in this new timeline. How will this be resolved? What's it got to do with the island story we known and loved? Does this tie into the on-island events? These are all concerns that hurt the new story-telling device.

Then there's the slight alterations from the original time line. Things like Hurley being lucky or Sayid's passport saying he's from Iran. Sure these new mysteries are interesting, but I'd rather work on the established story and not a new one.

This week's off island story continued Kate being on the run. We see what happened just after she jumped in the cab with Claire. We got confirmation that Claire is pregnant with Aaron and got to see the "family" that she was giving Aaron up for adoption. Turned out that it wasn't anyone we already knew and the woman's husband had just left her, adding more fuel to the fire that Claire is supposed to raise Aaron, even in the new reality.

So then Claire goes into labor and Ethan Goodspeed is her doctor, they stop the labor, she names him Aaron, she and Kate become friends and everything is fine. Wait, what? Ethan made it off the island (or was he ever there in this new time?) and is a legitimate good-guy doctor? Is there more to it than that? Are the Others still influencing things in the new time or is Ethan just a regular doctor? And using the name Goodspeed instead of Rom? We never found out why he used Rom in the first place, but add another mystery to list now.

Speaking of mysteries, Claire's ultrasound date was Oct. 22, 2004, a month after the original timeline with Oceanic 815 crashing on the island. While these mysteries are fun little tidbits to those who closely follow the show, there's still that bit of "does it matter?" associated with them. Until we get proof that the new timeline affects something in the on island time line, these flash sideways stories are going to frustrate.

The Infection
Sayid is alive, yet he's determined to be infected after a series of torturous tests. Dogen tries to get Jack to give him a pill, but it will only work if Sayid takes it willingly (of course). Only after Jack decides to take the pill himself do the Others confirm its poison. The only way they can describe Sayid's infection is that a darkness has taken over him and once it hits his heart, everything that they knew of Sayid will be gone ... just like Jack's sister.

Now, here's where we can make inferences, which usually gets you in trouble regarding Lost, but let's go there anyway. Sayid got infected with this darkness after dying. Claire was also infected, so she must have died when the mercenary group blew up New Otherton. She seemed fine, but ended up leaving Sawyer, Miles and Aaron to go with Christian (more on him in a second). So Claire died, but seemed alive since she was infected. Who else has died by also seemed alive on the island? Ah yes, Jack's dad Christian. So can we safely say that the same thing that Sayid's going through is the explanation for Christian being alive on the island?

What is this darkness anyway? Is it tied to Man in Black? Is this the reason why dead people on the island need to be buried or sent out to sea Viking funeral style? and is this the "sickness" that has been talked about for so long? When Rousseau's team was infected with the sickness, was this the same thing?

As far as Sayid is concerned, what's going to happen to him? Will he become a zombie? Is this all part of Man in Black's plan or is this something separate from the Jacob/Man in Black feud? So many questions, yet so few episodes of Lost left.

Speaking of Claire, her infected self finally made an appearance on the island, after being AWOL last year. Wonder if she went through the timeflashes too? I guess Kate should have stayed with Jin, since her goal is supposedly to find Claire anyway. Jin did a pretty good job of that about 5 minutes after leaving Kate. So what's going on with Claire. Is she the island's new Rousseau? The Others, including Aldo (remember him? He's the Other who fell for the old Wookie in handcuffs trick when Sawyer and Kate rescued Karl from Room 23), debated whether the traps they came across could be Rousseau's, even though she'd been dead for years. Turns out, Claire has taken up Danielle's bid to booby trap the island.

So what has Claire been up to all this time? Where's Christian? Has she been living with him? What contact have the Others had with her, as Dogen knew what happened to her? Will she even remember Jin or is too much of the original Claire now gone?

Running Kate and Grieving Sawyer
I may have liked the Kate on the run and Sawyer grieving Juliette storyline the least. Why wouldn't Kate want to help Jin find Sun? That seemed out of character for her to have this new, one-track mind of finding Claire. Of course she's running, that's what she does, but why choose to abandon Jack and company at the Temple to be with Sawyer? Something about her this episode seemed out of character. I don't know if it was her telling the Others that she can be very convincing or her just abandoning everyone else or the refusal to help Jin. Just seemed a bit off to me.

Regarding this new grieving Sawyer ... I hope he gets over Juliette soon. Don't get me wrong, I understand his grieving, but we've seen characters lose someone they love before on the island and they usually turn that grief into a rage to get answers or accomplish something. Sawyer is going back to New Otherton and sulk. It was sad to learn that he was going to propose to her and that he now blames himself for not letting her leave the island, but Sawyer's character had grown so much and for him now to go back to being self centered felt like a step back.

Who are the good guys?
It seems like the first episodes of season 6 are starting to plant the seed for the audience to ask, who really are the good guys? We've been lead to believe that Jacob is good and Man in Black is evil, but what if its backwards? Is Man in Black really the one trapped, and Jacob is the chessmaster in this game? Are the Others on the right side in this battle? Just something to ponder as we move forward.

Other tidbits:
  • Dogen said that he was brought to the island like everyone else and that Jack knows exactly what he means. So what does he mean? Why are the 815 survivors so important and why were they brought to the island? Why do the Others feel they have to protect them?
  • What is Dogen typing on the typewriter, and why does he have a baseball?
  • How do the Others know so much and why don't they just tell the 815ers what's going on?
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Lombardi Gras!

Lombardi Gras or Dat Tuesday, whichever you prefer. Either way, yesterday's victory parade was great. Here are a few pictures recapping the victory celebration (from Yahoo Sports/Getty):

Check out more parade photos at NOLA.com

Feb 8, 2010

Super Bowl Champions!

WHO DAT!?!? I saw it, but I can't believe it. The New Orleans Saints are champions!

FAITH, Bless You Boys, Cha-Ching, Whoot There it is, the Dome Patrol, Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda, 'Aints, Finish Strong ... All those are nice and fun, but I like this one the best: Super Bowl Champions!

Enjoy it Saints fans, this really happened:

Feb 5, 2010

Finish Strong: Super Bowl XLIV

All the hype. All the build-up. The history. Dwight Freeny's ankle? Peyton Manning going against his hometown team? Hurricane Katrina? 43 year wait? Do the Saints deserve to be here? Are the Saints dirty? Is Manning the best ever? The Who. Carrie Underwood. Southbeach. Miami.

All of these storylines will soon be put to rest as Super Bowl XLIV will finally be played this weekend. Yes, there's actually a football game involved in all of this madness.

The Saints and Colts were the best teams in their conferences all season and finally will meet on the biggest stage. Media day is behind us, practices are winding down, and gameplans are being polished. We'll finally get the answers to all the questions, and the most important one, especially, who's going to win SB XLVI?

You're probably tired of hearing about how great Peyton Manning is and how the Saints defense won't be able to stop him. You're also probably tired of hearing about how Drew Brees is almost as good and is underrated. Word all week has been that the Saints will have to be able to match the Colts in scoring and this could go down as one of the highest scoring, competitive Super Bowls ever. I wonder if it will even be that close.

My heart wants to pick the Saints and pick them big. Look at the road they took to get here. Sure, the AFC has traditionally been a tougher road than the NFC, but not this year. Look at the teams that the Saints defeated this year: Eagles, Patriots, Cardinals, Vikings, Jets, Falcons ... their playoff road alone, Cardinals & Vikings, was rougher than the Colts, who defeated two wild card teams. Then check out how the teams won this year. The Colts had a few games that were low-scoring and they just pulled out at the end. I see high scoring and blowout games on the Saints schedule. All in all, I don't think the Saints are getting the respect they deserve in this game. Too many people are putting far too much stock in the Vikings game, where Minnesota out gained New Orleans in just about every statistical category.

I've heard numerous media analysis say that the Saints offense has been iffy for the past few weeks. Did they miss the Cardinals game? Wasn't that just a couple games ago? Then there's the injury factor. The Colts have two key starters nursing injuries. Be sure that Sean Payton will work to exploit these weaknesses. I just don't see the total one-sidedness of the "experts" picks. Sure Payton Manning is great and it will be nearly impossible to confuse him, but he does make mistakes.

I don't want to hear that its destiny for the Saints, but this is Drew Brees' time. He has been waiting for this his entire life and he actually gets it. He knows what the Saints mean to Louisiana, especially New Orleans. He wants this win more than anything, and as long as he plays like the Drew Brees we've come to know with the Black and Gold, the Saints will win.

(prediction after the Saints Super Bowl team picture, any idea why they lined up backwards with the numbers from right to left?)

Saints 31

Colts 20

MVP: Jonathan Vilma - I think Drew Brees is the "favorite" on the Saints, but I also think the Saints defense has gotten overlooked this year. Vilma, the Pro Bowl linebacker, always seems to find the ball and has a knack for making big plays.

If the Saints are able to pull off the victory, here's a preview of what we'll see Sunday:

Feb 4, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Approaches

Man, two weeks is a long time to wait, but Saints fans have been waiting 43 years for this. Here's a little something to hold you over until Sunday: