Oct 15, 2010

Weekend Predictions

One cupcake game and one big-time division game is on tap for LSU and the Saints this weekend.

LSU gets an unofficial week off after two down to the wire games with Tennesse and Florida. The undefeated Tigers welcome McNeese State to Tiger Stadium for the first cupcake game on their tough 2010 schedule. LSU finally has the offense in gear with Jarrett Lee getting more playing time. Maybe this is the week that Jordan Jefferson also contributes to the passing game. Can he complete more than 50 percent of his passes or throw for 150 yards? We shall see.

LSU 48
McNeese 0

The Saints on the other hand face an ulmost "must win" game at Tampa Bay. The 3-2 Saints sit in 3rd place in the division and can't afford to lose anymore ground the the Falcons or Bucs. Drew Brees will right the ship this week and the offense will have its breakout game.

Saints 31
Bucs 17

Oct 12, 2010

Thank you Bobby Cox

Thank you for making me a Braves fan. Thank you for being the only manager I ever watch coach my team. Thank you for all the playoff appearances. Thank you for the World Series title. Thank you for fielding the best pitching staff in baseball. Thank you for the ejections and the passion you brought to the game. Thank you for your slow walk to the mound. Thank you for the memories.

Panic Time?

After a disappointing, inexcusable loss to the Arizona Cardinals, Saints fans are wondering if its time to panic. Now it looks like panic moves are being made. First it was adding John Carney, now the Saints have added RB Julius Jones.

Coach Payton said that he was sticking with Ladell Betts and Chris Ivory, despite the mistakes that both have made in the last couple of games. Well, the next day, the team has signed Jones. What this move really means is that Pierre Thomas isn't coming back any time soon and when he and or Bush comes back, they may not be 100%.

I'm not sure what the issue is with the Saints this year. The defense is solid, yet unspectacular, but they haven't been the issue at all. The offense isn't firing on all cylinders and that starts with Payton and Drew Brees. Is Brees hurt worse than the Saints are letting on? I'm not sure if that's it, but he is a competitor and unless he couldn't walk, he'll be under center. The o-line isn't performing up to their standards either, add to that a subpar running game and receivers dropping passes, and you realize why the Saints have struggled thus far.

But is it time to panic? I don't think so. This is the "soft" part of the schedule (including last week's loss to the Cardinals) and I think the Saints will be fine. But they need to find their groove quickly.

Oct 8, 2010

Weekend Predictions

I'm feeling good about both LSU and the Saints this weekend. Neither have looked great, but a win over Florida would do wonders for LSU's national image, especially after that Tennessee game, and the Saints should be able to get on track with UDFA Max Hall starting for Arizona.

LSU 18

Florida 14

Saints 38

Cardinals 17