Jul 25, 2011

Finally ... the NFL has come back to business

I haven't posted much about the lockout through this frustrating ordeal, but now the news is spreading like wildfire that the players and owners have agreed on a new CBA.

Media are scrambling to get the timeline straight on when free agency will start, when teams can sign rookies and their own players, when trades can happen, when teams will report (Saints are rumored to be reporting for camp on Thursday). No matter what the logistics are, this will be a wild, wild week. Things that normally happen over the entire offseason are being squeezed into less than a week. Teams will report to camp before a large portion of the roster is even signed. It will be tough to keep up with, but fans across the country won't mind because America's game is back in business.

Welcome back NFL, now let the fun begin. WHO DAT!!!

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