Jan 20, 2009

Lost Mysteries: The Whispers

Going back to season 1 of Lost, there has been the strange occurrence of whispers in the jungle. No explanation is given and the characters don't really address what they hear. (Sayid and Sawyer mention the whispers to each other, but that's about it). So what are the whispers all about?

Some of the whispers seem to be hidden tracks in the show. Since Lost has a crazy fan following and each episode is over analyzed, fans have found whispers hidden in the show's audio track, other than the obvious ones heard on the show. A full transcript of some of the whispers can be found on Lostpedia. They are interested to read through to see some of the character names mentioned and some of the voices used as whispers.

So what are they whispers? Are they a product of the island? The Smoke Monster? The Dead? Are they just something the show added to crank up the mystery and get fans talking? Do all the people on the island hear them or only one person?

When fans first heard the whispers in season 1, it was a sign that this wasn't your typically prime time drama. Now that we are approaching season 5, will these whispers come into play more and more?

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