Jan 20, 2009

Lost Mysteries: Cindy and the children

Remember Cindy? No ... well, think back to the Pilot episode. The flight attendant on the plane who gave Jack some extra Vodka, that was Cindy. Ok, flash forward to season 2, she was part of the tail section survivors. Later in that season, she unexpectedly disappeared ("Abandoned").

So what happened to Cindy, well, would you believe the Others took her? Yep. As we see in season 3's "Stranger in a Strange Land," she along with the kids the Others took in the first season, Zach and Emma, are living among the Others group. When Jack is being held hostage in the bear cages on the Hydra island, Cindy tells him that they are there to watch. What are they their to watch?

Jack also asked her how she had ended up with the Others, and she said its not that simple. What does she mean? She was kidnapped by them and now she freely lives among them.

She is seen among the Others a couple more times in season 3, but hasn't been talked about since then. So where has she been? Is she among the group that was moving to the Temple? Was she among the group of Others that Locke came to lead? Why does she seem content to live among the Others and not give any information to Jack? Has she been brainwashed in Room 23?

I hope we get some payoff on the Cindy storyline, as her story will likely reveal much about the Others back story.

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