Jan 10, 2009

Lost Myseries: Food Drops

Once the Flight 815 survivors found the Swan Station (the Hatch), they had food, shelter, showers, beds, etc. But surely that food couldn't last forever, right? Well, in the 17th episode of season 2 ("Lockdown"), the survivors discover that a pallet of food and other supplies has been dropped on the island.

There are many mysteries related to this food drop, but the main ones include: Who is making the drops since Dharma is longer in operation? Why was all the food labeled for the Swan Station, does this mean that there are drops for the other stations as well? How did a plane/helicopter find the island to make the drop?

In the episode "Enter 77" from season 3, the Flame computer is discovered to be the source of supply drops. It is part of the sequence that Locke discovers after winning at Chess. One of the first options the computer gives is "For pallet drop enter 2-4." He ultimately enters 77 and destroys the Flame Station.

This still doesn't explain who the computer communicated with. Does the off island company that ran Dharma still think Dharma exists? Do these food drops still landing on the island have something to do with the time difference off island and on it?

There are many questions associated with how the stations were updated and resupplied through the years, so hopefully, this is a mystery that will be cleared up once we learn more about the history and fall of the Dharma Initiative, both on and off the island.

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