Jan 12, 2009

Smoltz Leaves the Braves for Red Sox

A little part of my childhood ended this past week when I found out John Smoltz was leaving the Atlanta Braves for the Boston Red Sox. I've been a Braves fan ever since I started following MLB and for as long as I can remember watching the Braves, Smoltz has been part of the team.

I started following the Braves when I was young, mainly because of TBS. Being from Louisiana, we don't have a professional baseball team, so most people here follow the Houston Astros (since they are the closest to us), the Braves (b/c of TBS) or the Cubs (b/c of WGN). I chose the Braves.

In the past few years, TBS started to show other teams' games, so I didn't get to follow the Braves as much, but I am still a huge fan and I enjoyed watching no player more than Smoltz. Whether he was a starter or a closer, I always wanted to watch him pitch. He is a definate Hall of Famer and out of the Braves Big Three (Smoltz, Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine), he was the one who I always felt would play out his career with Atlanta.

Now he's off to the American League and the Red Sox. All I can say is good luck and I hope you beat the Yankees. From me being a 12 year old kid trying my best to stay up late to watch the '91 World Series to the you being moved to the bullpen to your comeback as a starter, I have enjoyed following you with the Braves. Thanks for all the memories.

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