Sep 20, 2010

MNF: Saints at 49ers

The Saints will end the second week of the season on the road at San Francisco. This could be a "trap" game for the Saints as the 49ers look to be in shambles after their week 1 blowout loss to Seattle, but this is a good team. They have a tough defense and they could cause problems for the Saints.

The 49er offense shouldn't be much of an issue for the Saints. Really, if they can stop Frank Gore, then the Saints will be fine. But it's always tough going on the road, especially playing all the way on the West Coast. Add to that the Monday Night Football atmosphere plus the 49ers retiring Jerry Rice's #80 jersey, and this could be a tough night for the Saints.

I'm not really seeing it though. The Saints are at the top of their game, and they'll be ready for this game. The big win against Minnesota last week becomes less meaningful if they lose to the 49ers.

Saints 27
49ers 13

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