Sep 10, 2010

Saints Beat Vikings, Drop Super Bowl Banner

Sure it wasn't the 34-31 shoot-out that most people envisioned, but a 14-9 victory is still impressive. The Saints left a lot of points on the field (Garrett Hartley, I'm talking to you) and could have made the game much more lopsided. But the end result is still the same. The Saints are 1-0.

There were lots of bright spots, especially on defense. It looks like Gregg Williams will have his guys playing even better in his system this year and they seemed to surprise the Vikings by showing them different looks (3-4, dropping more in coverage, not focusing on the blitz), proving that the Saints can beat you in multiple ways with multiple looks. That's scary, especially if the offense can get out of their mini-funk and put up the close to 30 points per game that Drew Brees and Sean Payton average.

Ah yes, times are good for Saints fans. Enjoy it Who Dat Nation and doesn't it feel great to have football back?


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