Sep 21, 2010

Saints Beat 49ers 25-22, Lose Reggie Bush to an Injury

The said it wouldn't be easy. They said the Saints would have a target on their backs and they'd get opponents best each and every week. They were right. The Saints took it on the chin last night against the 49ers and still managed to escape with a 25-22 victory to improve to 2-0.

There were some positives (ex. Garrett Hartley finding his kicking stride, Saints forcing turnovers) and some negatives (Saints run defense, Saints run game) to take away from the game, but it's still early in the season. This team is proving one thing though, they are not the 2009 Saints. This is a totally different football team than last year and one that will have to scratch and claw and do everything it takes to pull out victories.

No, it wasn't pretty, but 2-0 still feels like 2-0.

On a bad note, it looks like Reggie Bush has a broken leg and will miss about 6 weeks of the season. On the brightside, its just a bone break and not ligament damage, which would cause him to miss the season. The Saints run game was already struggling and the offense has yet to find its groove, so losing Bush is a blow.

Look for the Saints to bring in another running back while Bush heals. Right now, the team has Pierre Thomas (who should get a ton of touches now), DeShawn Wynn and Chris Ivory (who is nursing a knee injury). Ladell Betts was with the team and he may be brought back as a short-term fix.

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