Feb 5, 2008

Best.Super Bowl.Ever.

Super Bowl XLII definitely lived up to the hype, but not for reasons that the media and many fans thought. A record number of people tuned in (making it the most watched Super Bowl ever) to see the undefeated Patriots take it on the chin and fall the NFC's 5th seeded Giants. I loved every minute of it.

A few years ago -- or if it were any other team -- I would have openly rooted for an undefeated season, but I just couldn't get behind the Patriots. From the constant coverage on ESPN to their hard to root for head coach to the golden boy celebrity Tom Brady. I just couldn't get excited about seeing them go 19-0. I rooted against them each week, complained when they caught breaks and hoped like heck that they would lose in the playoffs. Once the Super Bowl came, I instantly became a Giants fan. Was I not interested in seeing history be made with a perfect season? Actually, no I was not. I was more interested in seeing the 18-0 Patriots fall flat on their face.

When the last drive stated for the Giants, I was on the edge of my seat. Cheering for every first down. Freaking out about the Eli Manning scramble then laser pass to David Tyree. I let out a YES! when Manning finally hit Plaxico Burris with the final TD with only 35 seconds left. Seeing Coach Belichick run off the field with a play still left to be ran was fitting. It just adds to the fire that people have against him and gave us one more reason to dislike him.

Seeing Eli Manning win the MVP was great too. Especially with the rivalry between Eli's brother, Peyton, and Brady. To have Brady lose to the younger Manning in the Super Bowl was a great end to the season.

I'll give Brady all the credit in the world and do believe he is a great QB. He has three rings and still have plenty of his career ahead of him, but now the national media can stop calling him the best ever. He now has a blemish on his spectacular Super Bowl record. Joe Montana never lost on the grandest stage, neither did Terry Bradshaw. Brady may get his fourth Super Bowl victory one day and join this elite group, but he shouldn't be mentioned above those two greats.

Now we enter the offseason and the Patriots are favorites to win Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa. Will they be able to make it back after tasting defeat? Will the Giants show that they aren't a fluke champion? Who else will step up and surprise the league? It's going to be a long and interesting offseason.

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