Feb 6, 2008

The Oceanic 6

Ever since the Lost premiere last week, blogs and message boards are speculating about who the Oceanic 6 could be. Of course, there are spoilers out there confirming who they are, but I prefer to stay away from those. But I did read a theory this morning that got me thinking.

Many are assuming that the Oceanic 6 are the six survivors of Flight 815 who make it off the island. There is also assumption that everyone else is either dead or was left on the island. But what if more than six make it off the island? It was pointed out that Jack and Hurley are semi-famous after getting rescued. But is Kate also famous? She is a fugitive and might still be on the run. She may not be one of the Oceanic 6. She has to meet up with Jack in secret and may be hiding out now that's she off island.

This also lends to the theories of who is in the coffin during the Season 3 finale, Through the Looking Glass. If the deceased is one of the famous Oceanic 6, wouldn't the media or "fans" show up at their funeral? This adds to the possibility of it being Ben, who wasn't on Flight 815 and therefore wouldn't be part of the Oceanic 6. He could have made it off island (or was forced off island), then died in America. He has no family or friends, so no one attends his funeral...except Jack. Desmond was not on the flight, but I think he will make it off island as well. He has to be reunited with Penny. There's just too much buildup for it not to happen.

I have no idea right now who the Oceanic 6 are, but it's fun to guess. I'm going to rule out Kate since she would need to lay low. That leaves Jack and Hurley with four open spots. Since Desmond saw Claire and Aaron get on a helicopter in his vision (but where did the helicopter go? was it to rescue?), people are putting them in the six.

Another who is getting plenty of mention is Sun, but not Jin. Sun is pregnant and may get "rescued" due to pregnant women dying on the island during child birth. Why would Jin not make it though? I don't think Bernard and Rose leave due to Rose's cancer. Same with Locke. He will never leave the island -- willingly. That leaves Sawyer and Sayid of the main cast who were on the plane. Something about Sawyer's character makes me think he won't make it.

As you can see, I'm clueless and don't feel confident, but my choices for the Oceanic 6 are Jack, Hurley, Claire, Aaron, Sun and Sayid.

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