Feb 1, 2008

Super Bowl XLII

The Patriots or the Giants? Who is going to make history this weekend and win Super Bowl XLII?

The Pats are going for a perfect 19-0 season and to be remembered as perhaps the best team in NFL history. The Giants get a second shot at history to be the team that gives the Pats their first, and only defeat.

Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady. The Super Bowl is always billed as a battle of the marquee QBs. Brady's been here and done that. Eli has just come into his own in this year's playoffs. Can he keep it going in the biggest game of his life?

With these two teams meeting in the last game of the regular season, they know how the other will play them. The Giants played New England well in that game and gained the confidence they needed to run through the NFC playoffs. New England pulled out the victory, but they have to know that the Giants won't be intimidated by their record. So who's going to pull it out?

New York: 37
New England: 30

MVP: Brandon Jacobs, RB, NY Giants


josh said...

does anyone read this site? i mean, seriously.

Chris said...

I do. >_>

I saw you leave a link to this on the tfn forums and even subscribed to the XML feed. Oh yeah, and I'm a saints fan too. WHO DAT!