Nov 4, 2011


Looking for a good cause to support? Wondering why you are seeing a so many new mustaches on the fellas? It's Movember, of course.

I'll let my friend Josh explain it:
"It's Mo'vember, which is a cause that's been around for several years if you don't know. Basically guys, and some ladies if they're so inclined, grow mustaches and get people to donate money. It's like running a marathon but you burn no calories and look like a child molester at the end of it.

So if you want to donate even a $1, no pressure, go here: I'm part of Adam Richman's team. Yes the guy from Man v. Food. So if you don't do it for me, do it for Adam.

Josh is on Adam Richman's (Man vs. Food) team and even got retweeted by Adam. Some of my other friends are participating as well (, So hit up one of them with a donation to support this great cause.

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