Nov 4, 2011

The Game of the Century

What more can be said about college football's most hyped game? #1 vs. #2, two storied SEC powers battling, the Nick Saban Bowl, etc. When LSU plays Alabama Saturday night, the biggest question is will the game live up to all the hype?

I'm saying nope. I think LSU walks away with this one in impressive fashion. Yes, I respect and appreciate everything Alabama has done this year, but I see LSU as the better team. LSU is more road tested and will relish the opportunity to play in front of 100,000+ fans in Alabama. This isn't the first time LSU has felt the pressure of playing a top 5 foe this year. Alabama has had a much easier road so far this year, and this will be the game that it comes back to haunt them.

LSU 41
Alabama 17

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