Jan 20, 2011

A letter to Saints fans

Saints fans,

I know this year's playoffs haven't been fun to watch (besides the Falcons getting destroyed against the Packers), but remember one thing. These 14 teams:

Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers
Philadelphia Eagles
Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks
Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings
Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans
Jacksonville Jaguars
Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals
Buffalo Bills
San Diego Chargers

have never won the Super Bowl. Heck, the Jaguars, Browns, Texans and Lions have never played in the big game.

So Saints fans, even though we lost to the Seahawks in the first round and the NFC playoffs shaped up in a way that the NFC Championship game could have been played in the Superdome, remember that none of those 14 teams will be hoisting the Lombardi trophy this year either (All four teams left in the playoffs have won the Superbowl), so their fans are going another year without enjoying the biggest celebration in sports.

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