Jun 21, 2010

Saints Trade Jammal Brown to Redskins

The Saints have traded Pro Bowl left tackle Jammal Brown to the Washington Redskins. The return compensation is complicated, to say the least. The Saints will receive either a 3rd or 4th round pick and possible a 6th rounder in 2012 based on playing time or if Brown goes to the Pro Bowl. The 3rd or 4th rounder is tied to the Donovan McNabb deal, so if the Eagles end up with Washington's 3rd rounder, the Saints get the 4th and will send a 6th or 7th round pick back to D.C. If the Eagles get a 4th, then the Saints get the 3rd and will send a 5th rounder back. Clear as mud right?

Basically, the best thing for the Saints is for the Redskins to have a bad season, but Jamaal Brown to play great. Then they'd get a 3rd and 6th the following year for Brown and a 5th.

Many Saints fans think that Mickey Loomis got hosed in the deal, but I don't agree with them. Loomis was stuck with a disgruntled player who obviously wanted out. He lost his job to injury and missed out on the most historic season in franchise history, a season that proved the Saints would be fine without him. But decent left tackles are hard to come by, let alone a two-time Pro Bowl player so fans have inflated Brown's value.

There are a couple of issues here. Fans think players are worth more than they really are and there has to be a market for your players. Brown is coming off a season in the IR. No one really knows how he'll play after a year off, plus there have been rumblings ever since he got to New Orleans that his knees were shot and he wouldn't have a long NFL career. Along with his refusal to participate or sign his tender, the Saints decided to get rid of a distraction and get what they could for him. NFL teams don't like giving up 1st or 2nd round picks, but if they get the 3rd rounder, great. If its the 4th, great too.

I'm pleased with the deal. Brown wasn't in the long term plans for the Saints, especially after left tackle Charles Brown fell to them in the 2nd round this year. The Saints are set at tackle and have been good in the draft recently and now they have an earlier pick to work with next year.

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