Jun 22, 2010

Saints Cut Bobby McCray

In a surprising move, the Saints cut DE Bobby McCray yesterday. I was initially caught by surprise, but after reading more about McCray, I'm starting to understand it more.

This is not to label McCray as a bad guy at all, but there were reports that he was late for meetings a few times and missed assignments on the field. Pair that with the Saints signing veteran ends Alex Brown and Jimmy Wilkerson, and McCray's one-note pass rushing was no longer a top need for the team. Since he was due a roster bonus soon, the Saints decided to part ways with him.

Depth and competition is always a good thing for a football team, but who am I to question this Saints front office? They've pushed all the right buttons over the past couple of years and brought the city its first Super Bowl championship. I just hope that they aren't thinking they are better than they are and are just making moves because "we're the Saints and we won the Super Bowl, so we know best." If they feel that departing with Bobby McCray was the best thing for the football team at this point, than I'm cool with it.

Good luck elsewhere Bobby and thank you for your great hits on Kurt Warner and Brett Favre in last year's playoffs.

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