Oct 7, 2009

Lost Rewatch: Week 19

This week's Rewatch episodes wind down season 3 and start season 4. The season 3 episodes are some of the series' best overall and season 4 took the audience off the island and into the future of the 815 survivors we know and love. Flashbacks gave way to flashforwards and fans learned that there will never be another show on television quite like Lost.

Greatest Hits (Zap2It Recap)
  • LongLiveLocke's original Recap.
  • Flashback focuses on the Greatest Hits of Charlie's life, including meeting Claire and the time he saved Nadia from a mugger. Just before he saves Nadia, the setting is similar to when Desmond first(?) meets Charlie in "Flashes Before Your Eyes."
  • We see two instances of Charlie swimming (in the flashback - listen for someone saying Desmond at the pool - and down to the Looking Glass). Curious since in season 1, he claims he can't swim. I chalk that one up to drug addict Charlie not being able to help out, even though he could swim.
  • Desmond claims to have seen a vision of Claire and Aaron boarding a helicopter after Charlie drowns while turning off the communication jamming. It remains to be seen if this will play out. As far as we know, Claire is dead or an island ghost and Aaron is now staying with Claire's mom in California. So did Desmond really see this vision or did he know this was the only way to have Penny make contact?
  • The Looking Glass Station is introduced, clearing up the season 1 mystery of what the cable going out to the water leads to (from "Solitary" & "Numbers").
Through the Looking Glass (Zap2It Recap)
  • LongLiveLocke's original Recap.
  • Episode introduces the flashforward. This one focuses on Jack and his depressed state since leaving the island. The audience was tricked into believing it was a flashback until the final moments when he meets up with Kate.
  • In the flashforward, Jack references his father a couple of times. Is this just the drugs messing with his head or does he believe his father is alive?
  • Ben's thread of lies starts to unravel, especially regarding the Looking Glass. Bonnie and Greta are working down there, despite the rest of the Others thinking the station is flooded and the duo on assignment in Canada. Mikhail, who handled the island's communications at The Flame, is surprised to learn that the Looking Glass is jamming communications. Good thing for Ben, Mikhail is a loyal Other. What other things has Ben lied to his own people about? (Jacob? Smoke Monster? Being born on the island? The purge? Widmore?)
  • I've mentioned Mikhail's 9 lives before, but it bears mentioning here as well since he was shot with a spear gun and lived.
  • A few questions: Why can't Ben let the 815 survivors leave? Was that really Walt (taller, ghost Walt) or the island/smokey? What musician programmed the Looking Glass? Will we ever see The Temple?
  • Charlie's death is one of the toughest for fans, since he was one of the original three (along with Kate and Jack) who fans got to know from the Pilot. He could have easily gotten out of that room and shut the door in time, but he knew he had to die for Claire and Aaron to be rescued.

Beginning of the End (Zap2It Recap)
  • LongLiveLocke's original Recap.
  • Flashforward focuses on Hurley and his return to the mental institution after being "rescued." Charlie visits Hurley, starting his "I see dead people" ability.
  • The term Oceanic 6 is introduced, but fans had to wait for the entire six (Hurley, Jack, Kate, Sun, Sayid and Aaron) to be revealed.
  • Jacob's cabin is still one of the big mysteries on the show and this episode adds a lot of fuel to the speculating fire. The cabin moves locations (how? what is the cabin?), Christian Sheppard is sitting inside (Smoke monster? Ghost? Man in black?), who's eye is that in the window? and then Locke (Man in Black?) appears out of nowhere once the cabin disappears.

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