Oct 9, 2009

#1 Florida vs. #4 LSU


Will he play or won't he? That's the biggest question surrounding LSU's matchup with #1 Florida. Will Tim Tebow play?

I'm torn on which way to go in this game. On one hand, these are the kind of games the Tigers step up for, the ones where they show why Death Valley is one of the most feared places to play. On the other hand, I've watched this team for five games now, and I have major doubts about them stopping Florida's offense and scoring against the Gators tough defense.

Tebow is an X-factor in the game for sure. If he plays, we don't know if he'll show effects from his concussion. Will they run the same type of offense (QB draws, lots of QB options, etc.) that they'd normally run. His backup, John Brantley, is an unknown. Sure he may be one of the top QB prospects in college football, but how would he react to starting his first game, on the road in front of the loudest stadium in the nation?

Then there's this LSU team. Does anyone know what to think of them? They've struggled against lesser opponents this year and then come up big at the end of the 4th quarter against Georgia (after most of the game was ugly for both teams). I'm not sold on Jordan Jefferson, and the LSU running game (thanks to sub-par O-line play) has underachieved all season.

So will it all come together against Florida? Can Saturday night in Death Valley will the Tigers to knock off the #1 team in all the land?


Florida 24

LSU 17

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