Aug 17, 2009

Saints Cut Jason David

It's the end of an era. Yes, the Jason David era has come to an end in New Orleans. After one of his poorer showings in the Saints first preseason game, the teams has cut the veteran cornerback.

David, who was said to be shining in practices in Gregg Williams' new scheme, was torched against Chad OchoCinco and Chris Henry. Missed tackles and blown assignments still hampered the former #42 (he'd switched to #29 for a fresh start after the teams signed Darren Sharper, who wanted #42).

I'm not sure if he'll be picked up anytime soon. In the past two years, fans around the league have come to know the name Jason David and that's not a good thing. Studies even showed that a hole in the defensive coverage was a better defender than David. So finally, the Saints have done what many fans have been waiting for them to do, cut bait with David.

In other news, Saints kicker Garrett Hartley will be suspended for four games for taking a banned supplement. Hartley took Adderall to stay awake during a drive from Dallas to New Orleans. To take his place during the suspension, the Saints have resigned John Carney.

Carney, who the team has acknowledged that they never should have cut, made the Pro Bowl last season with the Giants. It will be interesting to see if Hartley can keep his job when he returns from the suspension. He was 13-13 last year, but missed a 20 yarder against the Bengals. He made up for it later with a 54 yarder. Carney doesn't have the distance that he used to, but he'll be accurate with all his kicks.

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Lebraix said...

Bonus: How may receptions was Jason David torched for? Its got to be more than infinity... probably around umpteen and a half.