Aug 18, 2009

Lost Rewatch: Week 12

Hey Lost fans, looking to Rewatch seasons 1-5 but you don't have the DVDs? Well, here's some good news: Besides ABC streaming the episodes on their official Lost site, Hulu now has episodes from all the Lost seasons. They have the complete seasons 1-4 and a few from season 5. So get to Rewatching Lost. Here's a look at this week's episodes.

S.O.S. (Zap2It Recap)
  • LongLiveLocke's Original Recap.
  • Flashback is Rose and Bernard's first and only on Lost. It shows how they met and their trip to Australia to a faith healer.
  • Bernard took Rose to the faith healer to cure her cancer. The healer talks about places in the world with unique energy that can be channeled to heal people. Australia isn't that place for Rose, but fortunately for her, the island is.
  • Rose sees Locke in the wheelchair at the airport, joining the late Boone in knowing that Locke was paralyzed (Sawyer also learns about Locke's condition in "The Brig," and it's not seen, but implied that Locke told Walt about it). Rose and Locke have later have a conversations about the healing powers of the island.
  • Bernard (revealed to be a dentist off the island) works on making a huge S.O.S. sign on the beach to alert any planes of their whereabouts. The infamous Neil "Frogurt" gets introduced here, as one of the people who helped Bernard.
  • Benry's manipulation of Locke is taking shape, as Locke wants to know the truth about whether Benry pushed the button or not. This manipulation lasts through season 5 until Locke "returns" to the island.
  • Michael returns, but we won't learn his true motivations until "Three Minutes."
Two for the Road (Zap2It Recap)
  • LongLiveLocke's Original Recap.
  • Flashback focuses on Ana Lucia and the reason she was in Australia -- to serve as a body guard for Christian Sheppard. Yeah, great job there Ana, considering he was drunk the whole time and died during the trip.
  • Christian is in Australia to see his daughter. He finally works up the nerve to go to her house, but her mother won't let him in. It isn't reveal yet who his daughter really is. But most fans figured it out. The aliases Sarah and Tom are Christian's kids significant others (Sarah was Jack's wife and Tom is Aaron's father).
  • Benry tells Locke that he was on his way to get him ... is he just pulling Locke's chain again? We never have gotten a clear answer as to why Ben got caught. Was he really trying to meet Jack so he could do his surgery or was John part of his plan?
  • Hurley still thinks that he knows Libby from somewhere. Yes, yes you do.
  • Michael sets up everything we'll see in a couple of episodes (Three Minutes). Many fans were happy to see Ana Lucia bite the bullet, but unfortunately for Hurley, Libby had to go as well, leading to years of frustration over her backstory.
? (Zap2It Recap)
  • LongLiveLocke's Original Recap.
  • Flashback focuses on Mr. Eko, who isn't really a priest, going to investigate a miracle in Australia at the house of the same phychic who told Claire to get on Flight 815.
  • More crazy island dreams, this time by Eko and Locke. We haven't seen many of these dreams/visions in recent seasons, but early on, that was the way that the island would lead people as we've seen them with Locke, Claire, Charlie and Boone previously. In one dream, Eko's brother Yemi tells him to go to the ? with Locke. In Locke's dream, Yemi directs Eko to climb up the cliff near the beachcraft.
  • With what we later see of Yemi in "The Cost of Living," we have to wonder if the Yemi vision was the Smoke Monster or maybe Jacob's enemy. But why was he leading them to the Pearl?
  • Locke and Eko find the Pearl station, and Locke's faith is tested once again. Why did the Pearl visit reinforce Eko's belief in pushing the button at the Swan?
  • Lots of questions remain about the Pearl. The Pearl is set up to observe the other stations, but with what we later see about the notebooks from the Pearl piling up ("Live Together, Die Alone") and what happens when you don't enter the code, it looks like the Pearl was the site of the psychological experiements. Who was smoking in the Pearl recently? Why did Pierre Chang us the alias Mark Wickmund here? When was the Pearl constructed (Chang doesn't have his arm injury in the video)? Who made the giant "?" out of salt?

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