Jun 8, 2009

Saints Mini Camp: News and Notes (Update: Dan Moran Re-Retires)

Due to an unexpected hospital visit with our little one this weekend, I haven't gotten to check up on much coverage of the Saints mini camp this past weekend. If you're like me and looking for some news from the weekend, neworleanssaints.com, the Times Picayune and WWL are great places to look. Also don't forget about Saintsreport.com, as this is a site for the fans, by the fans.

From what I hear, Mike Bell looks good and could be a surprise at RB. Marques Colston is back to his old self and the defense is wreaking havoc already by showing different looks from 4-3 to 3-4 to some surprise formations. It didn't seem like there were any major injuries. Guys like Dan Campbell and Dan Morgan suffered injuries, but should be OK for training camp. Pierre Thomas brusied a hand/wrist, but he too should be 100 percent for camp. Rookie Malcolm Jenkins finished his finals early so he could make the mini camp, showing his dedication to being the best he can be.

Anyway, here's a look at what took place this weekend, so we can all catch up. :

Saints Official Site Coverage:
Times Picayune Coverage:
WWL Coverage:
UPDATE: According to Drew Rosenhaus' Twitter, Dan Morgan has re-retired. Two years in a row, Saints fans have gotten excited about Morgan returning to his old self, and two years in a row, he retires before camp.

*Photo by Michael C. Hebert from NewOrleansSaints.com

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