Jun 8, 2009

Lost Rewatch: Week 2

I love the Lost Rewatch idea, and in the Lost offseason I always like to go back and check out old episodes. But I usually don't get to watch them all, as I intend to. The past couple of years, I seem to make it through season 1 and get stuck in season 2, right around "The Other 48 Days."

So not that I'm bowing out way early in the Lost Rewatch project, but I'm going to change up my format just in case I can't keep up. Last week, I watch all four episodes and pick out tidbits of info that stuck out for me or new/interesting questions I have.

But really, there are so many recaps/analysis of these episodes on the Web already, I was regergitating a lot of info already out there. There were a couple of new questions/analysis based off season 5, but the official Lost Rewatch bloggers are doing a good job of picking those up too. (Check out JOpinionated or DocArzt)

For my aspect of the Rewatch project, I'm going to try to preview the week's episodes and try to pick out cool things to look for or think about. Lostpedia is a great resource, as they have analyzed every aspect of every episode of Lost already. Even the show's producers say they check out Lostpedia. I'm also going to look at Zap2It's "We Have to Go Back" rewatch from last year for things he noticed when he took up the task of rewatching Lost last year.

So here's the episodes on the schedule for Week 2:
(Lostpedia link as episode title, Zap2It link in parenthesis)

White Rabbit (Zap2It recap):
  • Flashback focuses on Jack and his daddy issues. This is the first episode to open with a flashback.
  • Charlie says, "I don't swim." Do you think he said this because he didn't want to try to rescue the person drowning, was too high to do it or meant that he didn't swim, not couldn't swim? (We know from future espisodes that he indeed could swim).
  • Locke says that he looked into the eye of the island and it was beautiful. Is he talking about the smoke monster?
  • Jack gives his famous line, "if we can't live together, or we're going to die alone" in this episode and officially becomes the leader of the survivors.
  • We still don't have an answer on why/how Christian is seen walking around the island. He could be Jacob's enemy or a manifestation of Smokey. But with Locke, his old body was found on Flight 316, while Christian wasn't in the coffin.
House of the Rising Sun (Zap2It recap):
  • Flashback focuses on Sun.
  • We get introduced to two important skeletons in the caves. Locke dubs them Adam and Eve, the audience is still guess at their identity (Rose/Bernard? Desmond/Penny? Kate/Jack?).
  • Jack has an interesting line about the skeletons that I didn't remember: "Someone laid them to rest here." Who could that have been?
  • The skeletons also had a black and a white stone with them. As far as we know, Jack is still in possession of those.
  • Locke is on to Charlie and begins to help him overcome his addiction.
  • Michael learns that Sun speaks English, a major early Lost revelation.
  • Watch for Michael's line about Jin's watch: "Time doesn't matter on a damn island." It may not matter on other islands, but it's pretty huge on this one.
The Moth (Zap2It recap):
  • Flashback focuses on Charlie and his times in Driveshaft.
  • Sayid tells Kate that there's no way they should have survived the crash. Our first signal that these people were brought to the island for a reason?
  • Locke helps Charlie to realize that he doesn't need the drugs. He gives him three chances to ask for them back.
  • Sayid's mission to try to located the French women's signal is thwarted when someone knocks him unconscious. Remember who it was?
Confidence Man (Zap2It recap):
  • Flashback focuses on Sawyer and a con he was pulling on a couple.
  • Sawyer had been reading Watership Down, beginning the Lost theme of planting books as Easter Eggs for the audience.
  • Sayid returns to a place he didn't want to, back to being a torturer.
  • Kate figures out the real source of Sawyer's letter. We learn that Sawyer isn't his real name.

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