May 12, 2009

Lost Podcast Clears Up Mysteries

This week's official Lost podcast with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse touched on the now infamous comic con video. You know the one. This one with Pierre Chang and Daniel Faraday.

They said that once Faraday was shot, this video has become of the things that they are asked about the most. Basically here's their take on the video.

They said that they come up with Comic Con material before they start writing the season. They had an idea, but it wasn't followed through. They partially blamed it on the ARG for being canceled. The ARG was going to flesh out more of the story and the video would fit in with the context of season 5.

With the ARG, they said they were going to tell more story of Faraday trying to convince Pierre Chang that he was from the future and the original plot idea didn't involve Faraday going to Ann Arbour. They also confirmed that it was indeed Faraday on the video.

They once again noted that they only consider things that air on the actual show to be canon, so while these videos provide insight into the upcoming season, they are meant to just be teasers and aren't canon to the show.

I know a lot of fans won't like their answer, but we do have to realize that the show is a work in progress. They said it themselves. They know all the mythical milestones, but the path to get to those is a work in progress. I would like for everything to fit in continuity-wise, but if changes were made for a better story, then I can live with that. It's just that their Comic Con appearances are so publicized throughout the Lost community, these videos become "canon" for fans.

They said that the Comic Con video is the second most subject that they are asked about, with the first being Richard/Locke's compass. This compass has been passed from Richard to Locke just after Locke was shot by Ethan, then from Locke to Richard in 1954, then Richard tried to give it back to Locke when he tested Locke as a boy, then this past week's "Follow the Leader" Locke asked Richard for the compass again and then told Richard to give it to himself after he was shot by Ethan. So basically, the compass has no origin.

Things got more cloudy when Richard mentioned that the compass was rusty. Was it rusty in 1954 when Locke gave it to Richard, shortly after receiving it from future Richard? My head hurts.

They basically related the compass to the question of what came first, chicken or the egg. They said what they've done with the compass is intentional and likened it to some of the mathematical theorems that have no solution. They said that it's an infinite loop, or mobius loop.

I still question how this compass is able to point north, when the electromagnetic properties on the island have rendered other compasses to be obsolete.

So while fans may not like those answers, let's just wait for the show to play out and see how these fit into the grand scheme of the show.

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