May 13, 2009

Lost Finale Tonight

Are you ready? Lost season 5 will come to an end tonight with a 3-hour event. First, there will be a clip/recap show at 7 p.m. (CT), "Lost: A Journey Through Time." Then the 2-hour season finale, "The Incident" at 8 p.m.

The Lost finale buzz is all over the Internet today. Watch out for spoilers. Here are a few articles/interviews to get you ready for tonight (warning: the interviews, although vague, may provide hints at what's coming up):
It's been a great season that has set us up for an even great final season in 2010. Wow, that seems so far away, but don't worry, it's only about eight months from now. In the meantime, you can check out how season 5 has brought us to "The Incident." Here's a look at all 15 episodes season 5 episodes with links to my recaps:
  • "Because You Left"/"The Lie" - These two aired together. From the opening scene with Pierre Chang and Faraday at The Orchid to the time skipping on the island and from Etahn to Ana Lucia to Ms. Hawking, these two espisodes set us up for a great season 5 ride.
  • "Jughead" - Perhaps season 5's best. The group jumps to 1954, meets up with Richard and the Others, including a young Charles Widmore and an interesting girl named Ellie. Throw in a hydrogen bomb, Jacob name-dropping Locke and everything with Desmond ... this is certainly a fan favorite.
  • "The Little Prince" - We relived some season 1 scenes, the time jumping heats up as noses bleed and two characters return: Danielle Rousseau and Jin.
  • "This Place is Death" - More time jumping, Montand loses an arm, Charlotte bites the dust ... and Locke turns the wheel.
  • "316" - The tale of the Oceanic 6's journey back to the island.
  • "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" - Locke does a terrible job at convincing everyone to go back. Ben finishes him off.
  • "LaFleur" - After Locke stops them from jumping through time, Sawyer, Juliette and company end up in 1974 DHARMA times. Statue shot FTW.
  • "Namaste" - Jack, Kate and Hurley get introduced to 1977 DHARMA
  • "He's Our You" - Sayid shoots 12-year-old Ben, thinking that he's changed the future
  • "Whatever Happened Happened" - Kate and Sawyer save Ben by giving him to the Others, and ultimately are responsible for what Ben becomes
  • "Dead is Dead" - a very much alive John Locke leads Ben to get judged by Smokey
  • "Some Like it Hoth" - we see the hatch being constructed and Hurley tries to help Miles and his father's relationship
  • "The Variable" - Daniel Faraday is convinced he can change things, only to find himself shot in the back by his own mother
  • "Follow the Leader" - John Locke returns to his role as leader of the Others. Jack takes on Locke's role as island destiny follower.
Enjoy the finale! The Locke vs. Jacob poster can be found here. You can download a hi-res version there as well.

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