Mar 23, 2009

A Random Lost Thought

Here's a random thought I had about Namaste:

Just after the flash that brought Kate, Jack and Hurley to 1977, the plane arrives in island territory. It jumps from night time to daylight. Now, we know that there's a 31 minute time difference on the island and off it from Daniel's experiment in The Economist. Well, why did they jump to day time? I've been assuming that the plane crashed in present time, more specifically 2007 (as the show said ... it said 33 years earlier when it went back to 1977), so why the night/day difference? Did the plane move through time or is the island just on its own day/night schedule?

It's probably not that big a deal, but it could be one of those subtle ways that Lost shows us that there's more going on than fans pick up on the surface. You never can tell.

Here's something else interesting that someone caught when the plane crash landed. The numbers are heard on the radio as they land, but Rousseau changed the message. Hmm.

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