Mar 24, 2009

Lost Mysteries: Charlotte's Age

Ever since Faraday saw a red head little girl running around the DHARMA barracks in 1974, fans have been asking the question, how is that possible? You see, in season 4's "Confirmed Dead," Ben rattles off information about Charlotte, specifically mentioning that she was born in 1979 in Essex, England. Well, we later learned that she wasn't born in England, but had grown up on the island. So could Ben have been wrong about her birth year as well?

Turns out, it was just a mistake by the Lost producers. Earlier this week, the producers pinned the blame on Rebbecca Mader in their weekly podcast, but they have since taken responsibility. More on the whole fiasco can be found at, who did the investigative work in clearing up the mess.

There you have it fans. The Lost team does make mistakes. So as we continue to analyze everything said and in the background on Lost, remember that sometimes that blurry blond girl really is just part of the crew who shouldn't have been caught by the camera.

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