Jan 1, 2009

Great season by Drew Brees

Congratulations to Drew Brees on completing the greatest season by a Saints quarterback ever. Unfortunately, in the Saints 33-31 loss to Carolina, Brees fell just 16 yards short of beating Dan Marino's passing yardage record.

Brees finishes 2008 with 5,069 yards passing, becoming only the second player in NFL history with more than 5,000 yards through the air in one season. He also threw for a career high 34 touchdowns. His 17 interceptions were costly this year, but when he is forced to through the ball as much as the Saints did this year, some passing will be picked off.

Its hard to imagine where the Saints would be without Drew Brees. Sure, an 8-8 record and sitting at home for the playoffs isn't great, but this is the Saints we're talking about. The year before Brees arrived, they won 3 games. Saints fans were disappointed with not going to the playoffs again, but with the history of this franchise, 8-8 isn't bad.

The future remains bright for the Saints. They have lots of young talent and Brees is still in his prime. The offseason focus will be on the defensive side of the ball and a few changes should be made on that side.

Another offseason story that fans will follow is the future of Deuce McAllister. Deuce said that he definately wants to play next year and didn't rule out playing with another team if there isn't an opportunity in New Orleans. He wants to stay with the Black and Gold, but money will be a huge factor. Fans would love to keep Deuce, but the NFL is a business and a tough one at that.

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