Dec 27, 2008

Saints vs. Panthers

The Saints finish the regular season this week against the Carolina Panthers, and the game is all about Drew Brees and his attempt at breaking Dan Marino's passing yardage record. For the Panthers, the game means a bit more, as a win will give them the division title and a first round bye.

The Saints have been out of the playoff hunt for a couple of weeks now, but a winning record is still in their sights as well. A 9-7 finish will feel a whole lot better than 8-8, especially with how good the NFC South has been this year.

Injuries have killed the Saints this year and fans can't help but wonder how the year would have been different if everyone had stayed healthy. But that's the life of a football team, so you can't blame injuries. The good teams overcome them.

Saints 34
Panthers 32

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