Nov 24, 2008

LSU Bowl Projections

After another disappointing performance against Ole Miss, many LSU fans are just hoping that this season will come to an end. While the QB play has been subpar this year, the biggest disappointment has come from LSU's defense. That side of the ball was supposed to be the team's strength, but more times than not, they can't get off the field and are seen giving up big plays.

The most obvious scapegoat for the defensive debacle will be the co-defensive coordinator position. Many fans disliked the move at the time, and the coaches have shown nothing this season to prove that the move was a wise one. Coach Les Miles should out loyalty aside and hire a sole defensive coordinator in the offseason, one with collge coordinator experience.

With the loss to Ole Miss, LSU's top bowl chance looks to be the Chick-fil-A in Atlanta. Most Web sites project the Tigers to play there agianst the ACC #2 choice, which could be a variety of teams. One site still thinks the Cotton covets LSU, but it would be tough for them to choose the unranked Tigers over a ranked Ole Miss team. throws another curve ball and has the Tigers playing in the Outback. If LSU loses this week to Arkansas, they may fall even further to the Music City Bowl in Nashville.

The question becomes, will LSU fans travel to one of these "lesser" bowls? The bowls are around to make money and LSU has gained a reputation of traveling well, at least to big games like the Sugar, Capital One and Cotton Bowl in the past few years. How will a four-loss season affect fans travel plans to Atlanta or Nashville? It will be interesting to see.

Here's where LSU is projected to go bowling:

ESPN's Mark Schlabach:
Chick-fil-A:: LSU vs. Boston College

ESPN's Bruce Feldman:
Chick-fil-A: LSU vs. Boston College

CBS Sportsline:
Chick-fil-A:: LSU vs. Georgia Tech

NBC Sports:
Chick-fil-A: LSU vs. Boston College
Chick-fil-A: LSU vs. Virginia Tech

Sporting News:
AT&T Cotton Bowl: LSU vs. Texas Tech

Stewart Mandel (
Outback: LSU vs. Michigan State

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