Nov 26, 2008

Conratulations Deuce McAllister

A big congratulations to Deuce McAllister for becoming the Saints all time leader in TDs with 54, during the Saints blowout of the Packers on Monday night. It was an emotional moment with fans cheering, teammates running on the field to congratulate him and Coach Sean Payton embracing the running back as he walked to the bench carrying the milestone football.

Many fans are left to wonder what the future holds for one of the all time great Saints players. With a 4-game suspension looming, Monday night could have been McAllister's last home game in New Orleans at least for this season, maybe for good. With McAllister's salary and diminished role on the team, there will be decisions to make in the offseason. Fans would hate to see Deuce play for someone else, but at this stage he isn't more valuable than a Pierre Thomas to the Saints. Its sad, but that's the business of the NFL.

With Deuce's multiple knee surgeries, he isn't the same back that he once was. He does love to play the game, but retirement may also be an option for him. He is a smart businessman and has set himself up for life after football. He may be eager to get started on that life sooner rather than later.

No one knows how this season or the future will play out for Deuce, but one thing is certain, he should be the last player to wear the #26 for the Black and Gold.

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