Sep 19, 2008

Saints sign John Joseph Harrington

Sean Payton has his next project. The Saints have signed former #3 overall pick, Joey Harrington. (Bill Simmons note: John Joseph Harrington)

Many Saints fans are wondering why Harrington is being brought in, especially with needs at DT and CB. But when you think about it a little more, the move makes sense. Coach Payton is an offensive coach and needs a 3rd string project. He's tried Jason Fife and Tyler Palko and now has an opportunity to resurrect Harrington's career.

Harrington has some skills, or he wouldn't have been the #3 pick. His best season came in 2004 when he threw for 3,047 yards, 19 TDs and 12 interceptions. For his career, he's thrown 79 TDs and 85 interceptions for three teams -- Detriot, Miami and Atlanta.

The good news with the signing is that he's going to be 3rd string and if he gets any playing time this year, the Saints are already in trouble. With Mark Brunell as the backup QB, the Saints needed a younger option to groom for the future. At only 29 years old, Harrington could be that option.

Then again, he may be cut next week and never have accomplished anything with the Saints. That's the way the NFL works. You never can tell how a deal will turn out.

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