Sep 19, 2008

LSU at Auburn


LSU/Auburn. The Earthquake Game. The Barn Burner. Smoking Victory Cigars. There have been many memorable games in this rivalry. The SEC West Championship is almost always on the line. Add to the fact that ESPN Game Day will be there, and the LSU/Auburn matchup is one of the best in college football.

So this year will it live up to the hype? Both teams are struggling somewhat offensively, especially in the passing game. LSU has found its workhorse back in Charles Scott, but QBs Andrew Hatch and Jared Lee have yet to show a consistent passing attack.

Auburn's defense is their key. The offense has switched to a spread attack and there's still a few bugs in the system, as evidenced by their 3-2 win against Miss. State.

This game could come down to turnovers and special teams. Hopefully, it doesn't come down to referee calls, as it has in the past. The key will be who can control the clock, control field position and not turn the ball over.

LSU 20
Auburn 17

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