Sep 13, 2008

LSU vs. North Texas


After their second game with Troy was postponed until November, LSU will finally take the field again tonight versus the North Texas Mean Green of the Sunbelt conference.

LSU should be able to walk all over the Mean Green, who have been blown out in their first two games of the season. Tonight's game is more about LSU "fine-tuning" for their SEC opener next week at Auburn. LSU still has two young QBs who haven't taken a lot of snaps and will look to get them more experience against North Texas.

The LSU running game should also be able to continue where they left off against Appalachain State. Charles Scott had a great game and should get lots of carries in SEC play. The LSU defense should have no problems with North Texas' spread offense either. Auburn also plays a version of the spread, so it will be good for the defense to see that offense again this week.

The only factor that won't work in LSU's favor tonight is that the atmosphere in Tiger Stadium won't be the same as it typically is. With Hurricanes Gutav and Ike threatening the Gulf Coast the past few weeks, many Tiger fans are still witout power and have other things to worry about, so thesold out stafium likely won't be full. Add in that Cox is offering the game for free in Baton Rouge and many fans will stay home.

LSU 56
North Texas 0

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