Feb 28, 2008

Initial Thoughts on The Constant

WOW! Desmond episodes always seem to blow our minds, but this episode was unreal.

I don't even know where to start or how to digest this episode. So is the "sickness" finally explained? Have all the Losties been going through the same thing as Desmond all along (i.e., have all the flashbacks/flashforwards been them jumping through time), only Desmond is experiencing it on 11? Does this explain the dead people walking freely on the island? or Charlie's visit to Hurley in the first episode of season 4?

This was one of the most confusing episodes ever of Lost. But it also gave us lots of new information to digest and discuss. I'm just not sure what I just watched. I'll try to figure out what I think's going on and post a recap later on this awesome episode.

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