Feb 22, 2008


We have official confirmation that Kate is part of the Oceanic 6 with last night's Eggtown episode. She is not in hiding as some have speculated (including me). I felt that not much was revealed in the episode as far as the mysteries of the show, but it was still interesting nonetheless. The big swerve came at the very end, and it was a really good one.

All about the Ben
Kate is worried about leaving the island after Sawyer's talk with her last week so she seeks out Miles to find out if her crimes are known in the outside world. Miles makes a deal with her and wants one minute with Ben. With the help of Sawyer, Kate manages to get Ben and Miles together and some interesting dialog was had between the two.

Miles truly is a conman is only in this for the money. He tries to work out a deal with Ben, where he tells his employer that Ben is dead in exchange for $3.2 million. While that was interesting enough, the real meat of the conversation was the talk about who Ben really is. Miles told Ben not to talk to him like he's one of them (the Losties who don't know much about Ben). So who is Ben really? Who is Miles working for (Ben already knows)? How does Ben have access to that much money?

All we've seen of Ben's back story is how he came to the island and killed off his dad and the rest of the Dharma people. So when did he become an international man of mystery? I also wonder about the Ben character in general. I believe that the producers had said that Michael Emerson, who plays Ben, was originally written for just a couple of episodes, but since he was so awesome, they kept him on the show. So was the Ben character part of the original plan for the show, or has that evolved?

Once Miles has his time with Ben, Kate wants her answer. Miles tells her that he knows all about her and her history. He suggests that she stay on the island.

Jack's Story
During Kate's trial, Dr. Jack Sheppard is called in as a character witness. He goes on to say how they crashed on an island and only 8 survived. Kate is said to be the hero who gave them first aid, found food and water and helped them survive. They obviously all decided or were told to use this version of the story, especially to help Kate's case when they got back, but who were the other two who didn't make it? Since the Oceanic 6 survive, why did they say that 8 survived the crash? Also, he says that they crashed on an island, then says that they were all in the water, and Kate pulled them to safety. So by saying they crashed in the water, is that a cover-up for the plane found at the bottom of the ocean? He did mention the island though, which I thought was interesting. Won't people ask more about this island that they lived on before getting rescued?

When Jack is cross-examined, the attorney only asks if he's in love with Kate. We all know he
is, but he says, "Not anymore." What's that supposed to mean? I know near the end, he tells Kate he didn't mean it, but did something happen that the public knows about their relationship? There's definately more to this part of the story.

Kate ends up accepting a bargain from the attorney, since her mom wouldn't take the stand against her. Does this play a part in why she told Jack they can't go back to the island? Part of her deal is that she can't leave the state.

Daniel's game of memory
We got another hint that something is up with Daniel in this episode. Charlotte is helping him regain his memory using playing cards. At first I thought he was able to see what the flipped cards were and she was testing his ability, but the scene played out like he couldn't remember which cards were originally shown to him. He gets two out of three right before being interrupted by Jack, so we didn't get the full details of what's happened to him.

The Helicopter
Jack had been trying to reach the freighter all day, but he couldn't get through. Finally, he asks Charlotte and Daniel about it, since all Juliette provided was a joke about calling 911. The freighter folk tell him about an emergency only number. When they call it, they learn that the chopper hadn't arrived at the freighter yet. Could this have something to do with the time difference on the island? Will it take way longer than expected to reach the freighter or did Frank not stay on the exact bearing as Daniel said? Remember, Desmond tried and tried to sail away from the island, and every time, he kept sailing right back to it. He called it a snow globe.

Kate's Pregnancy/The Swerve
For a while now, they have been teasing that Kate is pregnant. When it was revealed in her flashforward that she has a son, the pregnancy seemed to be confirmed. Kate's lawyer wanted to use her son during the trial for sympathy. With this, my assumption was that her child was disabled in some way. Since he would have been conceived on the island, I guessed that something was wrong with him. I still thought this when they showed him sleeping at the end too, but that theory was shot out of whack when she said his name...Aaron. Wow! Wow! Wow!

So Kate
gets off the island with Aaron and raises him as her own -- he called her mom. So what happens to Claire? Desmond's vision saw her and Aaron boarding a helicopter. Does something happen to her after that or did she never get a chance to leave? I'm also interested to see how they pulled off passing off Kate as Aaron's mom since she wasn't pregnant before the crash. I guess since she was on the run, she can say that she was. Her mom has never seen Aaron and tries to make a deal with Kate to see her "grandson." Also, what about all the stuff from way back when about Claire wanting to give up the baby, and her being told that she has to raise the child. No one else should raise him...well, now that person is Kate and not Claire.

Then there's the conversation she had with Jack in the parking garage. She told him that she's knows why he doesn't want to see the kid. With this conversation, I was thinking the child may be Jack's and not Sawyer's or that something bad happened to Sawyer, so Jack can't bring himself to see their child. But we now know its Aaron, so did something bad happen to Claire and Jack doesn't want to remember? Did Jack find out that Claire is his half-sister and can't bring himself to see his own nephew?

I'm glad they got the Kate's pregnant question out of the way so soon in this season. With this show, mysteries usually aren't solved very swiftly, so for this one to be put on the shelf is a major plus, especially since fans often complain that they don't answer anything. We're also back to the love triangle with Kate, Jack and Sawyer. Sawyer even referenced it on the island when he told Kate that she'd be back to him in a week after running back to Jack. As we can see from Jack and Kate's off island relationship, it doesn't look like this will be solved anytime soon.

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