Jan 2, 2013

Doctor Who Goes Updated Retro

In this season's brilliant Christmas special, The Snowmen, Doctor Whoshowcased a number of new features and introductions. There was the new companion, Clara, for one, but while she was technically introduced in the season premiere, Asylum of the Daleks, the companion Clara still hasn't been introduced. This is a bit of timey-whimeyness and a bit of Steven Moffat toying with the audience (**spoilers** Clara Oswin Oswald made an appearance in both episodes, but didn't make it out alive in either). So while we've got months to discuss this new companion and the mystery surrounding her, here are some of the other changes to Doctor Who:

New opening titles:

This opening title sequence still ties in with the new series, but pays homage to the classic series with the stars and having the Doctor's face appear in space. Really enjoyed this new look.

The Tardis:

The biggest change, besides a new companion, is the new look Tardis exterior with worn paint and the completely revamped interior:

While it looks streamlined compared to Matt Smith's previous interior, there is a lot going on here. It will take a few viewings to really get a feel for it, but at first look, I like it. I can see how some fans who've only seen the new series may not care for it, but many classic series fans had a hard time at first with the coral look that has been a staple over the past few years.

This new look definitely is a nod to the classic series. Here's a look at the Tardis interior over the years to get a feel for how the look has changed in subtle or drastic ways over the years.

New costume:

He still has a bowtie, but everything else was changed for this episode. Is this a one-off look or is the Professor Indiana Jones look gone for good? Matt Smith enjoys having the Doctor wear hats, so the top hat was a nice touch. We'll see where they go with the costume, but as we see in the coming soon trailer, it looks like different variations of his outfit may be coming. Remember, David Tennant wore multiple suits during his time as the Doctor and Tom Baker went through a few variations of his basic look, so changing Smith's outfit isn't a big change for the series as long as they never forget, bow ties are cool:

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