Nov 12, 2012

LSU Bowl Projections

Now that we're nearing the end of the season (only two games left for the Tigers, can you believe it?), fans can start dreaming about their postseason vacations. With Texas A&M's victory over #1 Alabama, LSU's bowl picture has cleared up and become more cloudy all at the same time.

LSU will be going to a top-tiered bowl this year, but exactly which one remains to be seen. LSU's best hopes of securing a BCS berth is to cheer on Florida State when they take on Florida at the end of the season. If LSU can get into the top 4 of the BCS, they are guaranteed a bid, and a likely bid to a new BCS spot - either in Arizona or southern California. Tiger fans will like the sound of that much more than another trip to Jerry's World in Dallas (especially since the Tigers play their again to open next season). 

While the Cotton is probably the most likely scenario, especially with Texas A&M being such a hot commodity after their upset over 'Bama, that top 4 finish assures the Tigers of landing in the BCS and not having a bowl take the lower-ranked Aggies over LSU. If LSU is outside of the top 4, LSU is still an attracted at-large team for BCS bowls, but only if there's no second SEC team in the top 4. Then LSU would be in competition with the loser of Alabama/Georgia SEC title game, Florida, South Carolina or Texas A&M for the BCS at-large spot in either the Fiesta or Rose Bowl. 

Here's a look at where some "experts" have the Tigers playing in January:


- Cotton (Dallas, Texas)

- Fiesta (Glendale, Az.)

Sports Illustrated

- Cotton (Dallas)

College Football News

- Cotton (Dallas)

CBS Sports

- Fiesta (Glandale)

SB Nation

- Outback (Tampa, Fla.)

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