Jan 9, 2012

The Rematch

It's game day for the rematch apparently nobody wanted, except Alabama. To be sure, the second LSU-Alabama game will be more exciting than the first for most of the country. Around the country, fans want to see touchdowns, but in the South, fans like football and the first LSU-Alabama game was old school football. So what's in store for the BCS title game?

I, like most, see more points being scored but I also don't see it being as close of a game as last time. I think one team will pull away and we won't get a dramatic ending. I think there's a major factor to the game that has been talked about, but not enough. The home "dome" advantage has been written off quickly and Alabama actually is coming into the game as a 1-point favorite.

The Superdome is LSU country. It's LSU's second home and they've won a lot of big games there recently -- both BCS title games (against Oklahoma and Ohio State) and Sugar Bowls (Illinois and Notre Dame), not to mention the epic matchups with rival Tulane ... well maybe not, at least playing at Tulane gives them more experience in the dome. That's gives the Tigers the edge and Les will pull out the victory against his arch rival Nick Saban.

Alabama 16
LSU 27

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