Dec 4, 2011

SEC Champs!

It wasn't the prettiest first half, but thanks to the Honey Badger and LSU playing like LSU in the second half, the Tigers solidified their place as the #1 team in the country with its 42-10 win over Georgia in the SEC Championship. Now the speculation begins about who the Tigers will play for the BCS title in New Orleans. Will it be a rematch with Alabama or a date with Les Miles' former team, Oklahoma State, who destroyed Oklahoma in their last shot to impress voters.

It will be interesting either way, and we'll have one fan base upset with either outcome ... college football, you gotta love it.

In either scenario, it's hard to envision LSU losing in the Superdome. I think Alabama will be a tougher contest, just looking back at the 9-6 nail bitter earlier this year. But I'd stil
l give the edge to LSU in that game. Against OSU, LSU would be more heavily favored, but it seems to be the game most fans and media are hoping for. There's also the case that if Alabama would beat LSU, there might be a split champion since LSU has such an impressive resume and beat 'Bama on their home turf. No one really wants that, so LSU would just have to take care of business.

Someone on Twitter said the Honey Badger, Tyrann Mathieu, should pick the #2 for LSU to face. Since he takes what he wants anyway, he just might be the ultimate voice in this typical, crazy year for the BCS. He already decides where the goal line is, why not choose LSU's next opponent?

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