Dec 6, 2010

Basketball in NOLA is in Trouble

If you like having NBA basketball in Louisiana, it's time to step up and support it. The NBA is buying the team and for it to stay in New Orleans, fans have to show the league that they'll support the product. If fans continue to not show up and attendance dwindles, any potential buyer for the team will be free to move the franchise (only having to pay $10 million exit fee to the state).

I'll admit that I've only made a few games, and haven't been since before Katrina. I've never seen Chris Paul play live and my last game saw Speedy Claxton at point guard. But I do keep up with the team and watch them on Cox Sports any chance I get, but that's not going to keep them here.

I'd be upset if the team left and enjoy New Orleans being a major league city with two major sports franchises. Everyone loves the Saints, more so now, but the Hornets have been slow to catch on. So Hornets fans, do you want to keep the Hornets or let them leave?

Here are some potential cities that would be interested in the Hornets.

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