Jul 15, 2010

Hornets Part Ways with GM Jeff Bower

The Hornets and GM Jeff Bower have decided to part ways and now the Hornets are searching for a replacement general manager. Many fans are excited about the move, especially with all the rumor and speculation surrounding Chris Paul. It's too early to tell if this change will help the Hornets retain Paul long-term, but it can't hurt.

In recent years, the Hornets haven't made the best personnel moves and are now strapped with bad contracts and not great depth on the bench. It was clear that changes needed to be made.

Rumors are flowing about who will replace Bower and many fans are hoping that former Portland GM Kevin Pritchard gets the job. Pritchard would bring a more aggressive approach, as in recent years he was a master at working the draft by moving around and acquiring more selections. The Hornets, in recent years, seemed more likely to trade out of the draft completely than to make a good move.

Bower always seemed to have a better reputation outside of New Orleans than he did here. He got fans excited with guys like Peja Stojakovic, Emeka Okafor and James Posey, but those same guys are the ones who's contracts are hurting the team now.

Chris Paul has made it known that he wants to win and wants to win now. Hopefully this change will allow the team to make some moves and keep the team competitive enough to keep CP3 excited about playing in the Big Easy for the long term.

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