Jul 21, 2010

Hornets Get Their Man

The Hornets have hired Dell Demps to be the team's new general manager and from all accounts, it looks to be a good hire.

Demps, who previously worked for the Spurs, was coveted by both the Suns and Hornets. For a bit it looked like the Hornets would lose out on their #1 choice once again, as they did when they targeted Tom Thibodeau for head coach. Thibodeau went to Chicago instead and the Hornets settled for Monty Williams. This time it appears they landed their #1 guy and since the Suns fought so hard to get him too, Hornets fans should be pleased that they got a solid GM in place.

Now it remains to be seen how he'll be able to operate with a roster that needs upgrading and a shaky ownership situation. With star Chris Paul making noise in recent weeks, this is an important year for the Hornets to show that they can and will compete in the loaded Western Conference.

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