May 4, 2010

Saints Resign Darren Sharper

Looks like just about the whole gang will be back on the field next year (except for Scott Fujita and Charles Grant, that is). The Saints resigned safety Darren Sharper, ending the last bit of offseason housekeeping for the club. Sharper was the last of the team's remaining unrestricted free agent that they wanted to resign from last year. Now they can focus on getting long-term deals with some of the restricted free agents like Pierre Thomas and Jahri Evans and work on a trade of Jamaal Brown, if there's a good market for him.

I wasn't as worried as some about Sharper resigning. I actually was exited about the possibility of seeing Malcolm Jenkins on the field at safety, but another year learning from Sharper could do Jenkins some good and he'll be able to provide depth at cornerback, which is now a position of depth and strength for the club.

With Sharper coming back, I just hope that we'll see more of the Sharper we saw in the first eight games, and not the one who played on a bad knee for the end of the season. He did have knee surgery in the offseason, so it will be interesting to see how he comes back from that.

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