Mar 18, 2010


If I was asked to describe the first eight episodes of Lost season 6, I'd just have to say one thing: set-up. Basically, and most of Recon was used to do so, these episodes are setting up the end game of Lost. (Hopefully, they aren't setting us up for a terrible ending).

Recon was another solid episode, but it wasn't action packed and really felt like it was used to put the pieces together for the rest of the season. I know I've described some of the previous episodes as setting things up or putting the pieces in place, but these first nine hours of the show have felt like they are doing just that. Sure, we got a few answers here and there, but for the most part, the action is still to come.

Flash Sideways Story
I have to admit that of all the flash sideways stories, I think I enjoyed Sawyer's the most. I for one loved the Saywer/Miles security team in the DHARMA 1970s and to see them working togeher as cops in the LA_X timeline was great. The swerve with Sawyer seemingly pulling his old con at the beginning, but him turning out to be a cop was great.

It was also cool to see Charlotte again too. Everybody catch that she works at the museum with Miles' dad? Remember, his dad is Pierre Chang, so that must mean the Chang family left the island before whatever caused it to sink ... or should we question if they ever were even on the island in this time line? What about Charlotte? Was she still born on the island?

Anyway, after Sawyer and Charlotte's blind date, they weren't meant to be, especially after she discovered his big secret. His dad killed him mom and then himself when Sawyer was a boy. So that part of his past is still the same in this time line. Sawyer is still hunting for "Sawyer," as in Anthony Cooper, but the question we now must consider, is this Anthony Cooper the same man as the other time line, i.e. Locke's dad? From the little info we got in Locke's flash sideways story, he's on good terms with his dad, so is this Anthony Cooper the con man or is it someone different?

The other thing to notice from the flash story is Sawyer looking at himself in the mirror, just before he punched it. Most of our characters have had a look at themselves in the mirror in these flash sideways stories. Not sure what to take from it, but it is notable.

The flash sideways story ends with Sawyer capturing Kate and recognizing her from the plane. I had no doubt that it was Kate that he was chasing, but with him being a cop, his actions in LA_X with letting Kate get away from security is now more curious.

The Hydra Con
Man in Black sends Sawyer to the Hydra island on a recon mission. Once he gets there, he finds the flight 316 airplane, which Man in Black claims is how he plans to leave the island. A few weeks ago, I threw that possibility out there, but how does he plane to fly the plane? Sawyer also found the remains of the 316 passengers and one survivor. We don't learn how they all died, but we do learn, to no one's surprise, that the survivor, Zoe, is conning him. Turns out she's part of Widmore's crew.

Sawyer is brought in to see Widmore, but first he passes a locked door on the sub. Of course that'll turn out to be important. Once he gets to meet with Widmore, they play lets make a deal. Sawyer tells Widmore exactly what Man in Black's plan is and that he'll tell him that the coast is clear. Widmore appears to agree to the deal.

I wonder how much Widmore knows and why does he know more than Ben does. He told Sawyer that its sad how little they know, and it appears that Widmore knows exactly who or what Man in Black is, especially since his people are setting up sonic pylons on Hydra Island similar to those in New Otherton.

Sawyer is always on top of his game, and he returns to the main island and fills Man in Black in on everything. Sawyer is playing both sides, as he later reveals to Kate that he's going to take the sub to get off the island. It will be interesting to see when all three groups come together -- Man in Black's, Jack/Ilana's and Widmore's -- to see how Sawyer's plan plays out. He told Jin that they wouldn't leave without Sun, so he'll have to work on reuniting the groups before getting out of dodge on the sub. The question remains though, how much does Man in Black know. He knows Sawyer is a liar, so does he really trust him to not double-cross him? I think Man in Black will see this con coming, and Sawyer has reacted exactly how he wanted him to.

Psycho Moms
Turns out both Aaron and Man in Black had psycho moms. Claire attacked Kate for taking Aaron, but Man in Black broke it up. He later pulls Kate aside for a talk. She calls him a dead man, but I'm surprised she didn't have a stronger reaction or ask more questions of seeing John Locke walking around again. (I thought the same when he confirmed to Sawyer that he was Smokey. Our Losties are just going with the flow now, no matter how crazy). They have an interesting conversation where we learn more about Man in Black's back story. I started to wonder if he was just adopting Locke's back story, as Locke's mom was put in the same mental institution as Hurley.

Man in Black said that he's had some growing pains and is still working through some things. Makes you wonder what happened to little Smokey growing up and how long ago that was. I also got the hint from all this that he and Jacob are brothers, and I think that part of his issues has to do with Jacob being good and having to live up to that. I may be reading into this too much though.

Claire eventually forgives Kate and thanks her for raising Aaron. Kate was hesitant to accept her hug, but who wouldn't be after someone holds a knife to your throat? Is it odd that Sayid had basically no reaction to Claire trying to kill Kate? Has he just accepted that he's evil so he can't help anyone? What kind of control does Man in Black have over Sayid and Claire? They seem to still have their own thoughts and actions and are just following his orders.

Other Tidbits:
I still wonder how Sawyer got out of the name cave in The Substitute with "Jacob's ladder" being broken.

Sawyer's code word in the flash sideways "con" was La Fleur. Wonder why he picked that? Maybe he feels a connection to that name from his DHARMA past.

Miles said that he has a girlfriend, wonder if we'll find out that she's someone we know?

Charlie's brother Liam was at the jail to bailout his brother. So Liam doesn't live in Australia in this timeline? Why was Charlie coming back from Sydney on Flight 815 then?

Man in Black offered his hand to Kate to help her up, but she refused. I wonder if his touch would have had an affect, like what's happened to Claire or Sayid, on Kate. She was touched by Jacob, but so was Sayid.

Where was Jin during the hike? Did he stay back at Claire's camp or was someone carrying him? I didn't notice him at their camp. He surely would have tried to do something when Claire attacked Kate, even with his injured leg.

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