Mar 25, 2010

Official Lost Podcast

As always, the official Lost Podcast is entertaining and insightful, but this week's one shows that the producers are ready to quit holding back and its time for Lost's mysteries to be revealed. posted the podcast yesterday and it's definately worth a listen. Be warned, there are some minor spoilers, but Darlton never gives away too much. But if you want to stay completely spoiler-free, don't listen to it now, as you may not have already heard or assumed some of the things they reveal. They just wrapped up writing the finale, so they reveal that episode's title as well.

One thing they do visit that's interesting is the ship Man in Black and Jacob see during their conversation in The Incident. In my Ab Aeterno recap, I assumed that wasn't Black Rock since Black Rock arrived during a huge storm. Darlton shed some light on this minor mystery.

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